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By Anonymous - 01/11/2021 01:59

Today after I got into an argument with mom's boyfriend, telling him to piss off because no one wanted him, and he did so, saying he was done putting in wasted effort, now he's gone I realise how much he did for us, or that his share of the bills paid the rent. We may lose our house because of me. FML
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maybe its time to find a job

You sound like a spoiled bat. Grow the fuck up


maybe its time to find a job

Isn't that your mom's call to run him off? Seems like you should get a job or sell off a few organs to make up the loss of his income.

Yeah, that's not on you. Real men don't abandon people because of a fight, and they DEFINITELY don't abandon people financially because they lost their temper. He's being a baby throwing a tantrum--you have no control over that. That said, if you're of legal age, this is a good chance to step up and be someone who's NOT going to abandon your mom on a whim--see if you can land a job to help out, or do more chores so your mom can take on extra shifts, something like that. You dealt with a loser; be better than them.

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what in the fuck is wrong with you? if the place is toxic, why not leave? what makes you think that it is the first argument they had? there's always 2 sides to one story. there's definitely more going on before that argument happened.

You sound like a spoiled bat. Grow the fuck up

Loos like he also helped out with finishing sentences.

time to double up on jobs.