By pennyhater - United States
Today, I was locked inside my dorm room. Yeah, inside. How? Some of my floormates decided to stick pennies in the door frame, which jammed the handle. I was stuck inside my room and had to pee really bad. I couldn't call an RA to get me out either. Why? I am the RA. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

Someone did that and I started kicking the door down. They were laughing their smug little asses off untill they thought I was going to rip the door off of its hindges. I never did get to actually kick the thing down. They took the pennies out before I could do anything.

And yet...I'M the asshole for "trying to wake everyone up"

  evangldbrg  |  0

What we did in our dorm to our RA was a lot better...put a soda bottle (full) leaned up against the door with the cap off. If your doors open so that when you open it the door goes inside the room, the bottle falls and the soda spills all over. Or duct tape the shit out of the door so when they open the door they also have to break through a wall of duct tape as well.

It's not that we hated him though, it's just that he's the RA so as underclassmen we're kind of obliged to pull pranks on him.

  IamSpartacus  |  0

Hate? Maybe they just don't really like him, or maybe it was some weird tradition, or maybe it was the wrong door! It could be lots of different things, and you gotta take those into consideration.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

An RA is just an upper year student (3rd or 4th) who is in charge of a group of 1st years (on the same floor/in the same house). They don't have any special equipment to help them out of situations like that.

  redbluegreen  |  40

It's good to know, that when you get down to it, we can pee in bottles.
Oh, I've never felt so fulfilled and daring in my life. XD

Oh wait. There's no girls on the internet. This entire thread is now invalid.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I'm waiting. I took a machete to my pubes, found one of those "sope" things and rubbed it on myself, and spread rose thorns around on the bed.
Let's go.