By ShinyLadybird15 - 09/11/2017 00:30 - United Kingdom

Today, while shopping, I tried on a beautiful knee-length dress. It looked amazing and I decided to buy it, until the time came to take it off. A jammed zip meant 15 minutes of tugging before the manager cut me free. FML
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I’m going to assume the phrase “you break it you buy it” would apply in this situation. That’s what my ex father-in-law said when he found out I got his daughter pregnant out of wedlock.

It actually may not apply. If the zipper got stuck, that's the clothing fault. Especially if the zipper was already down before she tried it on. If the dress fit fine and the manager couldn't even undo it, there's no way she could be blamed. It wouldn't have worked on anyone wearing it.

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I hope they didn't make you pay for it!

hugozac88 22

At least you didn’t catch a butt check with the zipper, so.. win... kinda