By Anonymous - 12/09/2009 21:26 - United States

Today, I went on a romantic date to the mountains to look a stars with a boy I just met. We started kissing and he stopped, asking if it was rude for him to take me home now. After getting dropped off, he texted me saying we could never do that again and we should never talk about it. FML
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janefrom1979 0

maybe he has a girlfriend and he felt guilty.

There has to be more to this story then you know or are telling us.


You turned him into a homosexual...

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i don't think a guy would react that way if she was just a bad kisser... you must just be an incredibly awkward person

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............««»»/...................               /.........../(.(^)..)............ |............|../''..|..............| ................|||.................. ............(  )(  )/...............  Is gonna happen if u don't kiss guys u JUST MET

Reyo 2

@78: Just thinking that. You're either way too fast, or way too socially awkward. Did you actually put effort into the kiss or did you kinda sit there thinking "OHSHIT! WATDOIDO WATDOIDO WATDOIDO!?"?

#78, what is that? :/

Best first comment I've ever seen.

cerebellum_fml 0

78 watches too much porn.

americayay 0

Has anyone else noticed that OP is from UTAH?! OP: You're in the most religious state in the country. Odds are, this guy has a bunch of Jesus hang-ups and just feels like he's not supposed to be doing that period, not just with you. It's highly unlikely that it's personal. In fact, if you were able to get such a reaction from him, you should be flattered. He probably just feels bad. Just stay off of him in the future. If that's not the case, then that's just really weird.

#108 Has got it. He's religious and probably has an age at which he can kiss someone. Mormons usually are allowed gf's at age 16.

@ 108 The amount of religious bigotry in that comment is absolutely appalling.

How so, it's pretty much true. Look up the Dugger Family the one with 19 kids they have a show on TLC. The oldest Son was so religious with his now wife that they literately did not kiss till there wedding day

The Duggar mom's vagina is seriously a fucking baby cannon

beckmanj1 0

I'm guessing that she's really hot, so hot that he prematurely ejaculated and is too embarrassed to see her again :)

americayay 0

Yeah, how so exactly? I said he "odds are". It IS the most religious state in the country, so the "ODDS ARE" that's the explanation. I didn't even say he was mormon.

That sucks... did he say why?

Brandosyn 0

@ #139 Agreed, he went home to scrub a few million "potential children" outta his undies. He probably figured that if HE knew he shot his wad, that she did too. (Or at least she would have if he'd stuck around long enough for her to slide a hand in his Levi's.) Try and tell me that wouldn't have been much worse OP, a surprise handful of baby-batter?

why is she a slut? its not like she fucked him.. just cuz you cant get anyone doesnt mean others are unable to get over yourself and dont be so damn judgemental

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lalalanono 8

3 - You have a very limited, shallow imagination.

Your mouth tastes like ass.

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janefrom1979 0

maybe he has a girlfriend and he felt guilty.

I think your explanation makes the most sense. I mean if she was just awkward he wouldn't have waited until they kissed to want to go home. And being a bad kisser doesnt usually spawn that reaction

It could also be that he's Mormon and he would get in trouble if his parents found out. She lives in Utah, after all.

the_stereotype 0

that's what i thought too...or maybe he felt guilty for some if she was his friend's sister or something...idk

abeals2 0

thats what I was thinking, some religious belief or something

this was my first thought

ChrisMora 16

That's exactly what I thought.

There has to be more to this story then you know or are telling us.

Dude was probably super Mormon. And we all know how crazy Mormons are *cough*Stephenie Meyer*cough*

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FireFlie07 20

Haha, that is totally what I was going to say. Has to be some crazy Mormon where kissing before marrying is illegal.

haha twilight sucks

Hahahaha, I was just thinking that. This FML is too Twilight-ish. OMGZ, OP, YOUR BF IS EDWARD CULLEN!!! I LUURVESS HIM!!

Such a troll...

he's probably not allowed to date

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be glad she didn't come back then, if that's the way she spoke. =)

lollllllllllllll funny shit

yeah He probably was morman boy