Everybody needs good Neighbours…

By borkbork - 06/09/2019 00:02 - Canada

Today, I was standing on the balcony I share with the neighboring apartment. My morbidly obese neighbor didn't know I was there, and walked out with her breasts exposed. Her boyfriend then walked out and struck up a conversation with me about the fine weather we're having. FML
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Why the **** would you need to "grow up" if you felt repulsed by a morbidly obese woman's exposed breasts?.


Lexie 7

You felt the need to point out she is obese. So it would be ok if she would be slim and hot, but because she is not, **** your life? Grow up.

Why the **** would you need to "grow up" if you felt repulsed by a morbidly obese woman's exposed breasts?.

Lexie 7

Well because that is ******* childish. "oh no, I saw someone half naked and they were not attractive, fml boohoo". Please

its ok to not want to see a obese person naked or even topless its ok not to be attracted to obese person please get over yourself

EmDizzle2007 28

you're a bright mind amongst dim bulbs.

Sonotsuave 34

He’s not saying it’s okay if she looked different that’s not the point. It’s about the level of discomfort and invasion of privacy as well as the boyfriend walking out like everything’s casual at the same time

Lexie 7

OP made that the point when they saud she is obese. otherwise just saying the neighbor was topless would convey the message. privacy invasion? they SHARE the balcony. it is as much hers as it is OPs

Emiweb 9

The discomfort is clear - the point is, the woman being obese is irrelevant. He didn't need to mention it and by the fact that it was mentioned has a lot of implications that then follow subliminally (which have been discussed above).

What else should he talk about? The ins and outs of their sex life! Perhaps, you'd like his monologue on the challenges and thrills of pleasuring a plus-sized gal?

LostSoul 19

what do you consider morbidly obese?

When I read that your morbidly obese neighbour stepped on balcony I thought it was going to collapse.

Why did you feel the need to point out that she was morbidly obese? You wouldn't have cared if she'd been a chopstick? It's not okay either way... if she shares a balcony, she shouldn't be walking on it naked because, as is what happened, she never knows if someone else is on it.