By borkbork - 6/9/2019 00:02 - Canada

Everybody needs good Neighbours…

Today, I was standing on the balcony I share with the neighboring apartment. My morbidly obese neighbor didn't know I was there, and walked out with her breasts exposed. Her boyfriend then walked out and struck up a conversation with me about the fine weather we're having. FML
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  Sonotsuave  |  32

He’s not saying it’s okay if she looked different that’s not the point. It’s about the level of discomfort and invasion of privacy as well as the boyfriend walking out like everything’s casual at the same time

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  35

Why did you feel the need to point out that she was morbidly obese? You wouldn't have cared if she'd been a chopstick? It's not okay either way... if she shares a balcony, she shouldn't be walking on it naked because, as is what happened, she never knows if someone else is on it.