By Czechplease - 03/11/2011 14:23 - United States

Today, my mom told my girlfriend an embarrassing story about me, along the lines of whenever my parents would take me school clothes shopping, I'd cry because I hated all the choices they gave me. The most recent incident of this? Last year. I'm 18. FML
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crackz12 10

Well than grow the fuck up

Be thankful your parents buy you clothes. I spent my childhood naked.


crackz12 10

Well than grow the fuck up

DanGleesak 11

I wonder what happen when his parents wouldn't buy him ice cream?

bitchslapped22 14

Is your name Kelsey Duggan by any chance?

At least your parents care enough to take time out of their lives to take you shopping. My parents just throw plastic at me and basically tell me to get lost. You should appreciate the quality time they spend to trying make you look presentable. If more parents did this then we wouldn't have white haired orange girls running around with giant logo sweats that say inappropriate things on their arse and shirts that are way too ill-fitting. Or wittle bitches decked out in emo crap from hot topic or wherever the hell they buy their depressing attire. Oh and my parents tossed me in a boarding school so they don't have to deal with me for long periods of time. Be happy your parents actually care about you... /rantoff *didn't go to therapy this week*

stephanieeDawnx 0

Okay, seriously? Stfu. If those girl WANT to be orange & look like oompa loompa's & wear "Ill fitting shirts", it's their choice. If you don't like it, dont look. It's called freedom of expression. If those "emo" girls & guys want to dress in black, & wear chains & band t-shirts, let them. I have friends from EVERY "clique" The cheerleaders, & basketball players, The "scene & emo"'s Even the nerds, & a few if the stoners. Nothing is wrong with any of them. You're just a stereotypical jerk who thinks everyone has to have a certain look or theyre "not normal" Newsflash. Maybe they don't want to be "normal" Fuck.

59 that's not really what 56 was saying

blizbiggy 0

Amen to that

I'm sorry your parents don't spend time with you, but there's really no need for a pity party.

I don't want anonymous nobodies to pity me. I'm just saying the OP should appreciate their relationship with their parents.

Wow thats a pretty stupid thing to cry about. haha

jess_isamess 5

56- Couldn't agree more. 59- calm your tits.

krnpanda 2

Tldr. Whine less

I agree with 59 I personally love my band tees and lowtop chuck taylors and the only people I get shit from is my friends I guess that's a perk of small towns

truebrotrue 7

Op should just pick her own damn clothes out

Dun worry OP I would cry too if my parents chose my clothes. And 56, dont make a fucking drama out of it, I dont care if your parents dont like you, there are some people like you who'd like to get more attention from their parents, or people like me who would like less attention from them, either way bitching about it to some strangers won't get you any of that attention

ShroomsOnAcid 16

56, I really don't think that kids expressing themselves through their clothing reflects lack of attention from their parents. I personally don't like the emo thing and detest the oopma loompa look, but it's everyone's right and choice to dress however they want. Even kids. That's why they're kids - to make a shitload of mistakes and learn from them.

IDK Shrooms... I have two best friends. One comes from a wholesome family with loving attention giving parents and the other has douchebag apathetic parents like me. Can you guess which one is a slut and which one isn't? Yeah, the one with uncaring parents. *shrugs*

OP's name reminds me of Czech small arms company for firearms, anyone else?

Be thankful your parents buy you clothes. I spent my childhood naked.

RuskiManBearPig 4

Your loss is my gain. (closes with perverted smile) ;]

Llama_Face89 33

10- damn beat me to it :P

Every pedophile's dream.

nonelikeworms 0

where's pedobear when you need him?

McAninch35 9

Just your childhood? Shit I'm still naked

I was naked before naked was cool. You may not believe it, but I was born naked.

smashmaster52 0

53 - I do it the occasional day lol

SirObvious 1

I'm naked now.... Right now....

ifailplzinsultme 0

Under my clothes, I'm naked.

go shop on your own lol your 18

loveanthony645 5

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omgcookeys 15

You're 13 and you use that language?!? Geez, this generation is just not very mature. (yes, this applies to me too)

Andr913 13

112-it says on your profile you're 21...

#129 do you really believe everyone's profile?

latinadoll 5

Tough love :/

"Tough luck." or "Tough, love."?

hockeydominatorc 0

Then choose your own clothes retard!

Shop on your own bro

Teen age..!

You have no one to blame but yourself.

FYLDeep 25

Which is going to work out great now that you have a girlfriend you can shop with. Now you can both go to Victoria's Secret and try bras and panties on together.

peepeeparee 0

Stop being an inconsiderate unthankful bitch? Damn dude. I never got to go school clothes shopping, and when ever I did get to buy a shirt or pants, it was with money I earned, and by myself. Be thankful your parents have the money to buy clothes for you every year, and even more thankful that from what I understand... they've kept taking you despite the fact that your whiny bitch ass cries over your selection. Bitch. Did your balls get lodged inside of you or something?

A little harsh , don't ya think ??

flockz 19

ya don't say that, you're gonna make the little pansy cry again.

ikickgingers 15

Edit Nm I'm an asshole

Sorry 12 didn't know this was your FML

Alexisthebestest 16

Clothes shopping can be frustrating (not just saying this because I'm a girl.) We didn't have much money when I was growing up and I wasn't able to get the clothes all the kids at school wore & I got picked on because of it. I started working at 15 to buy my own clothes and provide for myself. I think everyone's being a little too harsh, but I will say this- at 18 you should have a job.

Wow ok buddy calm the fuck down and bitch about your life in an actual FML not in the comment section cause nobody really gives a shit.