By m0r0n - 20/10/2020 20:00 - United States - Cleveland

Cancer sucks

Today, like most days, I awoke from a dream where my hair was long again. This time, it was in the way while I was trying to drink water from a fountain. I lost my hair from chemo; it's slowly growing back. FML
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By  xxlk4xx  |  4

first of all, I'm sorry for what you've gone and are going through! although I have not gone through this, I did have super short hair most of my life and my hair is finally starting to get long so if I were to suddenly lose it I would be so upset because it's taken me about 5 years to get it just past my shoulders! if you arent taking them already, hair and nail vitamins I've heard work pretty well for some people, I take them but I dont notice much of a difference to be honest.

By  greenerich  |  11

I understand and wish you the best. i always thought my hair was my best feature and chemo took it from me. What grew back isn't the same as it was before.

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP, you have my genuine sympathy. I am a cancer survivor (of the esophagus). Chemotherapy is tough. And it’s daunting to lose your hair. But it will come back - mine did. It takes a while, but it’s one of the first improvements you begin to see once you are all over the chemotherapy.

Hang in there, it’s a tough road but you can make it.

By  Mona Roblin  |  5

I understand how you feel. Being bald from Chemo was to fun. Are you ready for a laugh? When it finally grew back enough for me to get a haircut, I made an appointment. The lady who did my hair had some really irritating rich clients. Went in early and a lady was sitting there. Told my hairdresser how excited I was for my hair cut. The lady waiting said, "I had to wait two weeks because she was on vacation." Told her I was excited because I had been bald from Chemo. It just slipped out and I felt bad. My hairdresser went into the back room. Went to apologize and she was back there laughing her ass off. She thanked me. It will grow back.

By  samomaha  |  17

I've been through cancer also although no chemo. I know it's tough, but I hope you can find some light and laughter. My sister had breast cancer and lost all of her hair, which was nearly waist long. She had our other sister draw a picture on the b ack of her head using permanent ink. The pic was a man pushing a lawn mower around! And she often went without head covering, just to show off her new art!