By director416 - 13/05/2009 21:44 - United States

Today, I had a really bad day at work and the only thing that was getting me through the day was the idea of taking a nice, hot, relaxing bath. When I got to my front door there was a shut off notice from the gas company. I won't be taking any hot baths until I come up with the $500 bill. FML
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The gas bill includes another security deposit of 150$ and a turn on fee of 50$. So, it was 300$ that I was past due on and I was doing the budget plan which was about 150$ a month. Only 2 months behind. As for the roommate, it's not her fault she lost her job due to down sizing and she is has been getting money from her parents... we've just used it for food. It's not a matter of whether or not I "deserve" to have my gas shut off. I do. I didn't pay the bill. I agree with that. The FML part of it is that my day was crap and then it got even crappier. Stop preaching and just read the stupid FML so you can say "Hey, at least I'm not that poor bastard." Get over yourselves.

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you shouldve improvised, had a nice warm bath, the water provided by your tears. ):

everyone who hit YDI is probably a student and has never tried living alone during a RECESSION. come on people - this is real life, if you haven't heard of the exponential growth of normal people not being able to make ends meet - you'll find out soon enough.


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Aww that sucks :( go to 24 hours pool! ahah

you shouldve improvised, had a nice warm bath, the water provided by your tears. ):

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that sucksss! go to someone elses pool

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Aww. I'm sorry! That's horrible. Hope you get the money somehow soon so you can get to your nice bath :-)

That sucks, but you gotta pay the bills. Microwave some hot water and put your feet in it, feels good, too.

Why don't you cry about it? ..and take a bath in that?

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i feel your pain. alot. baths are so nice. its like therapy.

Hahahahaha!!!! Learn to pay your Bills and that wont happen. Its a little thing in life Called RESPONSIBILITY. Idiot.

Everybody has bad days. Hopefully, your next day will be better.

murphys law v2.0: Smile, tomorrow will be worse.