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  FMLKitten  |  15

I don't think anyone understood what I was getting at when I asked where squeaky was....

I'm referring to the FML were me, squeaky, and other FMLers had wrote the lyrics to "Niggas in Paris". As everyone who commented before me wrote something along the lines of "gets them people goin".

Just wanted to clear that up.

  TehKritter  |  1

26- it's not that it gets people going (but in todays society I wouldn't doubt it). But there are situations that warrant/deem/require/ask for/ beg to be used to get your groove thing on regardless of who is there. I bet YOUR parents did it too. Ba zing

  LegraMR  |  1

But this is the smartest solution I've heard of to not getting caught. It was stupid to do it with family around in the first place, but kudos for getting pulling it off without being banned from her house.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

I completely misread that ^ the first time and nearly jumped at the mental picture it gave me
Please please Please! Change the word "with" to "while there are"