By Sugao - 10/12/2008 07:48 - France

Today, during foreplay with my boyfriend, I put my legs around his neck. He pushed them away violently, shouting, "Bloody hell, it's prickling me!" I'd shaved the day before. FML
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A day-old bristle is a mean bristle y'know!

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Sweej 1

Needles? It's hair... Touch the top of your head and see if it hurts. ... Dumbass

Oh really? I was unaware. Thank you for letting me know.


yeah. pricklies are terrible. D:

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Hey im allergic to nare :( But yeah I hate the prickles to, but that's life. You guys don't know how hard it would be to keep it smooth all the time, we'd never come out of the bathrooms lol

Wax, then! Good luck with the pain, though.

poison29 0

no its not will90. hair grows there for a reason. why don't men shave if its so unappealing?

RachaelQ 0

I'm confused.. was the OP's boyfriend complaining about the hair stubble on her legs or her ******?!

I lot of men shave. I do, most of my best mates do, we got together one time, all the guys and their girlfriends. Ended up being a revelation of naughtiness. and our girlfriends all love the clean shaven as we do with them.

x_Miyumi_x 0

aww that sucks. Reply to your bf: At least your getting some, idiot. :D

amandax6 0

hahaha i literally laughed out loud.

LOL that's awesome. Guys are whimps if they can't deal with a little hair, you know as long as you dont ask them to go down on you. Than there's the whole hair in teeth and you know we all hate that.