By oldtimerclark - United States
Today, I was talking to my only grandson about how I was going to the dentist to get my teeth fixed and how it was going to cost a lot of money, he replied saying "Who cares, you're going to die soon anyways". FML
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Well, what I have to say, is that I bet no grandparent would leave that much for a grandson in their will, they probably just left something small.

So I highly dought the kid would even know if he was cut from the will, so how would it solve anything?

I would take out a belt and whip his ass ;P

  rallets  |  22

lmfao yea, now that FML has the ability to reply to comments, everyone replies to the first one

but you still cant message people personally

that blows

  BOOMbat  |  0

Agreed. The moment I read this FML, I immediately thought "Quick! Take his name out of the will."

Or better yet, leave a snide remark about it in your will to be read aloud and embarrass the shit out of him. (:

  JFox  |  8

Out of 6 granddaughters, I was the only one that got a financial share of my grandmother's house. If the OP leaves his grandson out, he may very well feel it.

  Broc  |  0

53, You're kidding, right? You think grandparents don't leave massive amounts of their savings to their grandchildren in their will? Haven't you ever heard of college? It's fucking expensive.

  audiogasmic  |  0

agreed, he needs to be written out of the will. haha.

oh and i see the OP is from georgia, like me. here's a better idea: throw him in the middle of I-75 northbound through atlanta at about 5:30. =]

  spoo  |  24

hmmm. I think some people are that rude and instantly think a grandfather is already on his deathbed. True, nobody would ever think that he is soon to die and mention something such as his will.

OP -> FYL for the comments on this post

  st0815  |  9

YDI ... hmm a little bit for thinking that's a conversation his grandson (or anyone for that matter) would be interested in. If you want contact to your relatives (or indeed anyone at all) you need to avoid boring them to death.

  ponu  |  0

I was thinking the same thing. What is he doing making his grandson feel bad about his financial situation? On the other hand, if the kid is more than maybe six or seven, then the kid is a really a brat. I'm so torn....