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By Anonymous - 16/08/2010 04:11 - United States

Today, I met my recently divorced mother's new boyfriend. He is missing teeth and has long hair and a mangy beard. Horrified, I left the room, only to hear my mother telling my sister, "The sex is phenomenal!" FML
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Quest_ 13

Missing teeth = *********** from heaven.

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That's not a creepy thing to say to a stranger. Not creepy at all...


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maybe she just wants sex? who the hell gets back into a committed relationship when you're newly divorced? OP needs to calm down.

FFML_314 11

Divorce is a long process. The OPs mother was most likely seperated from her husband for a long time. There's really no telling whether or not it was just about sex. Like I said, the mother deserves to be happy and OP is a whiny brat.

blueeyes24 0

agreed... she's happy and so long as he is a nice person, who cares. grow up it's not about you

Brittney_E 0

my moms been divorced 9 times. ._.

damn; no need to give her a lecture. she just doesn't like the look of the guy. it's not that big of a deal.

Besides us ugly guys can really lay it down ;)

Quest_ 13

Missing teeth = *********** from heaven.

c12azy13ananas 0

You have beautiful blue eyes #11. And although I have all of my teeth, I'd looooove to perform *********** on you :)

doink 0

That's not a creepy thing to say to a stranger. Not creepy at all...

You're right about that. And it goes both ways. The "No Denture Adventure" just feels so much better.

you actually do look like a dipshit us tool

Chipi427 0

You're just jealous your mom has a boyfriend and all you have is a tub of chocolate Ice Cream, sweats and Netflix on a Friday night.

Try to ignore it, op. Gives a whole new meaning to 'blinded by love'!! FYL hard!!