By Razi_tail - 25/06/2014 04:13 - United States - Nixa

Today, I lost my dog while hiking. After searching the trails for an hour and a half, he was by the car. FML
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Razi_tail tells us more.

Razi_tail 25

I figured one of two things would happen: 1. He was in the same area we got separated or 2. He went back to the car. I chose to search the first option before getting a phone call that somebody found my dog. He has 3 ways to id him: dog park tag, name tag, and microchipped. It was the park tag that somebody had called on.

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At least you found him OP. You have a very smart dog.

TheKingKen 22

Smart dog. S/he knows exactly where to go back to when you lost each other


At least you found him OP. You have a very smart dog.

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I love hiking! And doge (when he makes fun of religion)!

ThatOneTimeLord 25

I'm okay with with your opinions as long as you don't shove it down our throats.

asnakelovinbabe 16

34.... You're 12 years old. I realize you have no idea how to appropriately socially interact with people on forums yet.... But some advice. You might wanna rethink that weird, random, out-of-context, unprovoked hating on religion. You're embarrassing 25-year-old-you and you don't even know it yet. Lots of us are atheists. That doesn't mean you need to shout it at anyone who might possibly read your comments.

The dog was probably just chilling by the car going "I lost my human FML."

Razi_tail 25

Lol 70! I could so picture Dominic doing that!!

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larrena2377 26

That's why it's the last place..

TheKingKen 22

Smart dog. S/he knows exactly where to go back to when you lost each other

My dog did this. I left her tied up and walked away less than 10 feet for less than a minute and she was gone. She walked the mile back home and while I was looking for her, I found an abandoned dog. He became her best friend though, so I guess that's good.

sexpectations 15

At first I read the last sentence as "he was hit by a car" and my heart dropped to my feet

sexyboi1985 27

Even though u wasted time, but atleast he was found in the end.

sexyboi1985 27

What a loser ! No wonder FML banned ur previous account ! U don't deserve to exist :-)

Lol, YOUR comments the one that got downvoted you STUPID ************!!

I can't decide whether YDI this or not. Cause if you just left him in the car, then YDI, but if your dog somehow ran away and got into your car, then you have one awesome dog

Justy101 23

It says "by the car". As in next to, not in.

The Fml sounds like the dog ran off whilst hiking and went back to the car to wait for the owner.

By the way the FML is written you can infere that he was not left by the car but ran off instead. So yeah awesome doge. Much navigation. edit: to slow >_>

Razi_tail 25

10 had it right. :) We were enjoying a hike and got separated. We were actually really far from the car at the time so I am really impressed he got back so well!

kingdomgirl94 29

Dog was sick and tired of hiking. "Screw this shit I'm going to wait by the car!"

kev1029 22

Are you dumb? OP said by the car. Not in it.

askullnamedbilly 33

That's always how it happens. Dogs wander off, their owners grow increasingly frantic and search the surrounding areas for hours and then the dog's right next to the car or sitting in front of the door and waiting patiently for you.

It's more like " I'm bored. I'll be at the car waiting for you."

turtles4life 24

Smarter than most people I know.

91hayek 31

I'm happy you found your dog but random dogs without their owners freak me out. Especially if they are big and they are scared and in an unfamiliar place - there is a potential for things to go wrong.

This is partially a YDI to me (even though I'll get thumbed down) because the dog was obviously off leash. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it doesn't matter how trained your dog is, they shouldn't be off leash because there are times when even the best dog will run away or chase something. This is a perfect example of that. Luckily the dog ran back to the car but this could've been a really sad story. Although no one deserves to lose their dog.

Razi_tail 25

13, I totally understand! My dog is big and he was howling for me so it could have scared others easily. 66, I defiantly blame myself and not the dog. I tend to alternate between Leash and off leash time so he doesn't get too far. He will be on leash for a long time after this scare though!