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Today, I went to bed with a bra on. I woke up with no bra on. My brother had a friend sleep over last night. I wonder where my bra went. FML
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Who knows? I heard trolls these days stopped taking socks and started to take undergarments


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Possibly creepy, but definitely ninja. Boy is so good that he didn't even wake her up.

SexySlayer1248 18

Definitely creepy, future rapist

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wondering about the wonder bra!

Was that a joke? The bra was probably with OP's brother and friend.

Who knows? I heard trolls these days stopped taking socks and started to take undergarments

CallMeMcFeelii 13

This makes me think of the underwear gnomes from South Park. Haha. Maybe the underwear gnomes left Tweak alone and moved on to you OP.

Your brother's friend must have forgotten a new year gift for you. Would a used bra of your size do?

shyeahh_fml 19

76 is getting thumbed down, but i too am confused. Since when do you give gifts on New Years?

martin_martian7 11

How's that possible?! That's scary

zombieslayer83 19

He's obviously some sort of little bra ninja.

It takes talent considering how many people can't manage to get them off while the girl and guy are awake.

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Haha oh god that comment brings back memories! Some fairly recent :-)

Timing is everything dude, look at the comment above yours. Now think about it.

Inheritance 10

Yes. It is possible she had a "fantastic dream", and took it off without realizing.

it's a possibility she took it off without being horny! there's been too many occasions where I've slept in the same bed as friends gone to sleep with clothes on but woken up in the middle of the night with just knickers on... maybe my friends are bra ninjas too!

Or maybe the spider was resurrected from her braces and got revenge!

Yea she could have probably taken it off herself without knowing she did so. I've take of tops of in my sleep before without knowing I did so.

Maybe you should sleep without a bra from now on.. (;

But then, that'd mean that the thief would take... ~if you know what I mean~

Yes. Today I went to sleep naked because my brothers friends keep taking my underwear in the middle of the night and when I woke up my virginity was gone. Lay off the Ambien.

Some people are heavy sleepers. And it doesn't excuse her brother's creepy friends molesting her in her sleep.

go to sleep with a bra off and if you wake up with a bra on then its witchcraft lol....

#53 Not at all. We also don't know the ages of her brother and his friend. Big difference between mischievous little scamps and borderline sexual predator. For instance if Op is 13, 14 and the brother is 18,19 it is a whole different FML.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

69 - it's the Wonder Bra: you wonder where it went :3

81- I think if the brother's friend is old enough to want OP's bra, he's old enough to know that isn't okay.

#102, that's not always the case! Young boys are curious creatures and a bra is not exempted from that curiosity. I'm not saying that's the case here, but it is a possibility. Being interested in bras does not mean you're interested in sexual matters.

Honestly, I don't see why OP would want to sleep in a bra in the first place. They're terrible.

Oh he definitely wants to see boobs, just doesn't know what he would do with them yet.

115- You need to buy different bras.

#53 is right that guy sounds creepy I think the op should confront the guy and her brother and also the op should put a lock on her door

Can I just point out that there is no proof her brother's friend snuck into her room in the night simply to risk removing the bra from his friend's sleeping sister and run away with it? It's a fairly serious accusation and it's much more likely that she just took it off herself in her sleep - plenty of people have undressed themselves in their sleep, not so many sleep through a bra-theft. It's a fairly hefty accusation to level at someone with the potential for dire consequences for your brother's friend, so you're going to have to have more evidence than 'I woke up without my bra' to accuse him of molestation.

122 - Possibly, but she may have just meant they're terrible to sleep in. I have bras I find super comfortable but they'd still be uncomfortable to sleep in, plus it's not good for your boobs.

I would go kick him in the nuts if i were you :)

Its kinda pbvious its him cmon u think her bro would do that -.-

Let's see. You know nothing about the girl, her brother, or their family in general, yet you think it has to be the friend because the bro wouldn't do it. You haven't been on the internet very long have you..?

Weird how it happened the night he stayed over...

If you went into a store and the store safe got robbed, is it safe to say that obviously you did it?

Because coincidences never happen and it's not like she could have taken it off herself in her sleep... Honestly, plenty of guys don't know how to operate a bra under normal conditions, much less discreetly in the dark without waking a sleeping person.

You must be the dumbest person on earth to not know how to take off a bra its not rocket science

My opinion is the brother is much younger and they both, he and the friend did it. They were not there to feel up his sister, they were just playing a joke. I think if it was any other way Ops FML would be a lot different.

The_F3rris 11

If she took it off herself then she would find it somewhere in her bed or room. If she never found said bra in question than its more likely that it was taken. But we dont have more info on this situation.

I've lost things in my room. It could have slipped under the bed or mattress. It doesn't even technically say that she never found it. No shenanigans necessary.

Well I'm sure the boys are pretty stoked about you being such a heavy sleeper.

Well one of them, not 100% sure about her brother.