By student414 - 10/01/2012 17:15 - Canada

Today, I went to my first class of the semester. After an hour of intense note writing, I realized I was in the wrong class. FML
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I thought classes usually started with an introduction and a review of the syllabus. I guess you didn't start to take notes until after that?


biasedshooter 24

Knowledge learned, is never knowledge wasted (: Guess you'll just have to write extra notes for your ACTUAL class tomorrow, OP.

The note taking couldn't have been that intense if it took an hour for you to realise you were taking notes about the wrong subject!

Didn't you know what class you were taking? I mean, if you had English and accidentally attended math you'd think you'd notice. And don't they tell you what class you're in? Like "welcome to..!"

They don't tell you because they expect you to already know.

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I went to the wrong class once! Both were math except I was in algebra and not in my calculus so I was tripping out when i was learning to factor and foil lol Turns out I was an hour late -_- It happens OP first day is the easiest so don't worry

Room numbers were made to identify rooms, and tell you what class it is. How did you manage to bipass that?

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Me? I just went at the wrong time. I looked at my schedule the day before and thought I had it down

15, 26- you do realize that op mentioned wrong CLASS, not subject. Op could have gone into another class of the same course/subject, just not with the teacher op was supposed to be with.

76, True, but if it was the same subject then it wouldn't make any difference.

Lol talking about knowledge and all but OP put "an" when he/she shouldve put "a"

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most teachers teach at different paces. She could have been taking notes on something her real teacher is gonna talk about next week.

You guys can all make "knowledge" comments but at the end of the day you'd be pissed if this happened to you

you win! OP is cheating or telling a lie....

I had enough "knowledge" to make sure I went into the right class on my first day (: This thing called a mouth, you can ask questions with it. AMAZING.

Really? I thought you put an before a word that begins with a vowel and a on the ones that dont ???

As with everything, there are exceptions to that rule. Just like "I before E except after C" has many exceptions, such as "height," and "deity."

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I thought you said knowledge is it's own retard. Oops

that is why they have classroom numbers and buildings

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How did you you not realize it was the wrong class?

So ur saying just anyone can just walk in? That I can get a degree for free? I dont have to waste thousands of dollars?!?! Thanks OP!

71 Yes that is correct. Except all you'll get for free is the lecture. So realistically you would only be doing it to improve your knowledge on a topic, rather that get qualified.

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I thought classes usually started with an introduction and a review of the syllabus. I guess you didn't start to take notes until after that?

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LOL i know right. Aren't the teachers supposed to take attendance first??

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They don't even care if you make it to class or not, so attendance doesn't seem needed.

They don't take attendence is he's at uni and there is 250+ students in the classroom... if you came late you take a sit and start taking notes...untill u figure you're in the wrong class :P

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Well, to be fair, it never said whether OP is at a university or not. My question is how in the WORLD do you take notes for a full hour and not realize you're in the wrong class?

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Oh im sorry, i only had high school in my mind :P I forgot all about uni and college. My apogolies.

Wow. You fail. How the **** do you even go to the wrong class and not realize it? Aren't you given a schedule? I mean, going to the wrong class is one thing, but not realizing it's the wrong subject for over an hour is pathetic!

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Well, I wouldn't want to leave if I had walked into a female anatomy study class either...

It never specifically said it was the wrong subject too.

If it wasnt the wrong subject, the note taking would be perfectly fine as most classes would use the same textbook. That being said, this class would only be maybe 15 minutes ahead or behind the other class. 15 minutes wouldnt really be bad.

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6/100 - Has the possibility of different classes with different coursework on the same subject ever crossed your mind? Op might very well be in college as well, which makes this even more likely. Get a course book from a local college and check out how many different classes and variations of math, literature, science, art, etc, there are.

Even if they use different text books, you're still going to be learning the same material if it's the same subject, and so it wont be a huge deal.

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Uh, no, 122. Maybe in Jr high/ high school, but not in college/university. It's quite possible that the material is nowhere near similar, while being similar enough for OP to mistake under the pressure of intense note taking.

Haha, you have no idea how many times that's happened to me! I'm sorry.:(

How can you not realize you're not with your classmates?

In highschool, or college you usually don't have 'set' classmates..

Op could be in college. The new semester just started and usually the classes are full of people you don't know.

Or in university. In that case with a class of 300 student op hasn't met its kinda hard to notice your class mates

You're a GEORGOUS Belgian XD Just so you know :) From Canada

10 is from Belgium, and I believe they have a set class all they way through 12th grade or something like that.

Sell the notes to buy back some of your lost dignity.

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How do you take notes in the wrong class for an hour? Shouldn't you have realized it in like the first 5 minutes of notes?