By Lane - 18/11/2018 14:00

Today, I made a frustrating discovery about my new bunny. He can’t stand the fan in my small studio apartment, and thumps angrily and refuses to sleep if it's on. I can’t sleep with it off. FML
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ohsnapword 21

Is there any way you can shield him from the wind it makes? Or is it the sound that the bunny doesn't like?


Is there any way you can shield him from the wind it makes? Or is it the sound that the bunny doesn't like?

Elmer Fudd, at your service! He’s got a great recipe for Hasenpfeffer! Or you could get Glenn Close to take care of Thumper. She won’t be ignored, Dan!

pugs 12

But it’s duck season not rabbit season.

Elmer doesn’t give a fudd about the wules! If there’s a wascally wabbit out there causing twouble, Elmer will hunt it down.

This. No need to waste a good rabbit and on top of that it's very yummy. You can just keep trying until you find one that isn't bothered by the fan.

Veroswen 3

I'm the same way. I need some kind of background noise. I also live in a old house with creeks and what not. If I dont have a fan I'll just sit there anticipating the next random noise. My cat hated my fan at first. Wouldnt sleep in my room. Which is a bummer because I like my little cuddly fur buddy. After once the summer rolled around he realized it would cool him off. Now winter or summer. If the fan doesn't point to his favorite corner of the bed he gets cranky. Maybe the same could happen with your friend.

You should still have a separate bathroom right? Just put him in there

TxKitten79 10

So, heres what you do... Re-home the bunny. Problem solved.

ViviMage 38

Put up a sheet in front of his cage between him and the fan. Or move the fan closer to you and further from him. I've kept rabbits for 25+ years and I am used to dealing with them throwing a bunny fit!

...or put the fan real close to the with its head in the blades...

Hyousax 3

You have the fan on only at night? You could try to train him to ignore it by turning the fan on every day for some time, preferably until he stops thumping. Then give him a treat. I don't have bunnies so I don't know if they can be trained like that, but my friend has some and they seem clever.

this is exactly how you do desensitization training! start with the bare minimum the animal can handle, give a reward, and then next time increase the stimulus