By LilShawty2000 - / Tuesday 24 February 2009 05:30 / United States
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By  kissmyass_fml  |  0

WTF?shes drunk probably

By  Zonedout  |  2

I've had similar things happen...yay for alcohol right? seriously though if you're fine with your sexuality ad he's a good friend, why not? least its good for a laugh.

By  davidtheday  |  0

Seeing as how the OP said "my best GUY friend" and that their username is "LilShawty", I'm going to guess that OP is a female. In any case, I hope you followed through

  Jess_Love  |  0

umm... OP is a guy... "by LilShawty2000 (man)" not sure if he changed it to clarify or what... ... but still... there's nothing wrong with it... i think...


It's a female that goes by the name "lilshawty" talking about her best guy friend leaning in to kiss her in front of his girlfriend. You idiots need to focus and get your facts straight before correcting the people that are already correct making yourselves look like fools.

  Mischief109  |  11

I'm assuming the blue male gender sign in the upper right corner is a small hint this is a he, not a she. You made yourself look like an asshole for calling correct people idiots. You idgit

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