By Anonymous - / Thursday 11 March 2010 23:00 / United States
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  aeliz  |  0

17 that's what I was thinking.
The OP didn't say that her parents borrowed her car, just her mom... So she could be single and doing random men in your backseat, or doing random men in your backseat and cheating on your dad. Either way, FYL.

  Philosophic  |  0

I agree with 48, why so quick to jump to assumptions? Is it not within the realm of possibility that your mom could have been doing the laundry and in the process she dropped her underwear in the back seat..? Besides that, that sticky goo in your backseat is laundry detergent - go ahead, taste it.

  MySimplicity  |  0

Hrrmm, I guess she was in such a hurry that she forgot to put her panties back on. You should borrow her car and put the panties there with a note. "Mom, this belongs in your car for overtime." =]


old people need to have sex too, there's nothing wrong with that. when I'm 80sumthing years old I want to be slammin some vajayjay. and I don't care if my grammar or spelling is right so keep it to yourself snick.

  XxKeLs3yxX  |  0

nooo if you look at his previous message he wrote
"why the fuck wouldn't you have a threesome with ur mom..."
so obviously he's implying that he would fuck his mom. OK do u understand more? learn to read between the lines.

  XxKeLs3yxX  |  0

No ur the idiot cuz now ur contradicting urself. You specifically said "why the fuck wouldn't you have a threesome with your mom". if ur not implying that you would then WTF are you trying to say!

  katmandont  |  0

I think it's more of a deductive thing, 144. If OP is a woman, she would know her own underwear. Unless he/she regularly lends the car to pantywearing people, who else would the underwear belong to?

  afatmonkey  |  0

Hey, if it weren't for old people doin the nasty, then Borat would never have created. But then again, neither would its gay Porno sequel..... And don't give her a hard time,(get it? hard? ahh, fuck you.) it's not easy doing your job and your boss at the sane time.

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