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Today, while cleaning my car, I found my mother's underwear in the backseat. She'd borrowed my car last weekend because hers had been in the shop and she'd been called in to work. I see she put in for overtime. FML
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wow my mouse double clicks sorry. i meant to say...uhh you probably shouldn't let anyone sit there...they might stick to the backseat.. =O


qzamml 0

wow my mouse double clicks sorry. i meant to say...uhh you probably shouldn't let anyone sit there...they might stick to the backseat.. =O

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so that's where her bonus has been coming from... by giving her boss a "raise" (assuming it's a he :-P)

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Haha maybe she wants you to do the laundry.

17 that's what I was thinking. The OP didn't say that her parents borrowed her car, just her mom... So she could be single and doing random men in your backseat, or doing random men in your backseat and cheating on your dad. Either way, FYL.

I would go and get the car completely cleaned. There are probably body fluids everywhere and footbprints on the ceiling.

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how dare you think of your mother like that! chances are she went to the laundry mat and they fell out of the basket

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more like put OUT for overtime.

I agree with 48, why so quick to jump to assumptions? Is it not within the realm of possibility that your mom could have been doing the laundry and in the process she dropped her underwear in the back seat..? Besides that, that sticky goo in your backseat is laundry detergent - go ahead, taste it.

all he needs is a black light and he will see the bodily fluids all over his car

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Next time she barrows your car hide in the trunk and when she gets her freak on... threesome.

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anyone else having alot of trouble with FML app?

well now, why would you possibly go to a laundromat if you have a washe n dryer? I've never been to a house that didn't have them

#35 obviously it is otherwise u wouldnt be able to comment.

lmao @ 83 that was rly random but funny :)

I agree with 48 but 41 made me laugh :-)

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damn you 58 took my thoughts lol

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@72 try going to the app store and updateing the app, hope it helps! it worked for me.

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why the **** would he have a threesome with his mom?!?!

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... Maybe her Underwear just ... fell off ... Oh Boy.

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why the **** WOULDN'T you have a threesome with your mom and her partner. oh man

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Hrrmm, I guess she was in such a hurry that she forgot to put her panties back on. You should borrow her car and put the panties there with a note. "Mom, this belongs in your car for overtime." =]

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old people need to have sex too, there's nothing wrong with that. when I'm 80sumthing years old I want to be slammin some vajayjay. and I don't care if my grammar or spelling is right so keep it to yourself snick.

for a start because thats called incest. and illegal in most countries.

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It's only illegal if you get caught, dickfuck. Also, look where they are. North Carolina, land of the incestous.

check the cd player then u will know what really went down

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@ epound28- so ur saying u would **** ur mother?! That's really repulsive... enough said.

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I don't get this fml and what does Op mean?

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nooo if you look at his previous message he wrote "why the **** wouldn't you have a threesome with ur mom..." so obviously he's implying that he would **** his mom. OK do u understand more? learn to read between the lines.

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i get jokes =b. I don't know abt you but I don't think saying u would **** ur mom is a joke.

I'm glad I'm not able to discern whether or not underwear are my moms on first sight.

agree with 142 ppl must be right about the incest if this kid knows his moms underwear on sight

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I don't get this fml and what does op mean?

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hahaha funny. and op, what do you think happened to create YOU??

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@ 145- the op is saying that his mother was ******* his car! it's not that hard to get lol

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i didn't say that. where did you even imply that? you're an idiot.

it's only a joke when a guy says he'll **** someone else's mom.

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No ur the idiot cuz now ur contradicting urself. You specifically said "why the **** wouldn't you have a threesome with your mom". if ur not implying that you would then WTF are you trying to say!

hahaha, #120 I thought your nick was GeoThermalSlut

Hey!! Me and my mother-sister resent that! Argh!!! this was meant for 130

I think it's more of a deductive thing, 144. If OP is a woman, she would know her own underwear. Unless he/she regularly lends the car to pantywearing people, who else would the underwear belong to?

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This was from 2 and a half meb

lets see did it rain in my car?!?!? lol!!

Hey, if it weren't for old people doin the nasty, then Borat would never have created. But then again, neither would its gay Porno sequel..... And don't give her a hard time,(get it? hard? ahh, **** you.) it's not easy doing your job and your boss at the sane time.

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edit: lol posted TWICE again.. =P

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I'm surprised no one has talked about Monika..., but she's so FINE!

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Lol. @65, thank you. That is really sweet of you to say. :) I appreciate it.

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@62 and thank you, Lieutenant Sarcasm :)

WTF no she didn't have sex. She just spawns underwear.

"Spawns"? So that's amniotic fluid in the backseat?

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Stop the ******* presses eveeyone!

denbeste 3

Stop the ******* presses eveeyone!

65, Maybe we're trying not to be too pervy.... but she is, isn't she... Damn, why aren't my comments getting put in the right place?

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Well, thank you too, 166. :)

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how old is she? cause if shes a young ma then thats not that icky :P

:P you think...? I'd flip if my mum did that, no matter how old she is

old enough to have a son with his own car.

haha well my mum is 58 O.o and I've walked in on my parents getting there freak on. not a pretty sight.....>.<

Whose unmentionables did I find in the backse... Wait, did I just mention those... WHOOPSIE. Perfect blackmail technique. ;D

the FML eludes me unless you're a jealous loser