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By cunning glassist - 08/03/2014 20:53 - Canada - Courtenay

Today, while on a date, I went to take a sip of my drink, but for some reason I expected a straw to be there. I ended up wiggling my tongue and mouth around my glass looking for it as I kept my eyes on my date. It must've looked like I was trying to be seductive in the creepiest way possible. FML
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I mean, it could've been worse? You could've dumped the drink all over you. Though depending on the color of your shirt, that could've been more seductive.

but you can still see if there's a straw through the corner if ur eye

That's probably the most seductive thing I've ever heard a woman doing. Hubba hubba!

Just imagining that.. is incredibly hilarious

Am I missing something here? I was picturing a man not a woman. A man with an incredibly long very pink tongue...

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#51 You're missing the fact op is female. I pictured a man too at first but the gender icon shows op as a female.

Someone should let OP know she talks like a bloke.

If that was a guy who did that, charges would be flying left, right, and centre.

not even gonna lie, if my date did that I would have thought it was cute. hilarious but cute.

Man I've done that before and the looks I've gotten kill me inside ...

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why does the m&m commercial come to mind with the song hungry eyes

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Some people find that attractive.

I think you meant 'cunnilinguist.'

Why would they mean that? That's not the joke.