Breaking news: bratwurst mayhem!

By Anonymous - 31/01/2017 03:39 - United States - Madison

Today, having forgotten my knife at home, I nervously took a bite of my cheesy brat at work. It didn’t splatter on my clothes like I worried it would, but it did splatter all over my desk, keyboard, computer screen, and paperwork. I can't get the cheese out from under the keys. FML
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sarcasmismyno1 tells us more.

OP here. It happened. No apologies, lesson learned. Welcome to WI life. It's different up here, ya know.

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If you were worried it would splatter, why would you choose to eat it anywhere near these things...?


Ya, hey! She'd have to have spattered her beer and her Aaron Rogers bobblehead to be more Wisconsin!

I'm from Wisconsin, and this is a daily problem.

I've never had a cheesy brat that cheesey before, but also I've never been to Wisconsin.

If you were worried it would splatter, why would you choose to eat it anywhere near these things...?

It would seem some people only think things through about halfway.

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From what I understand, brat is short for bratwurst, which is a kind of sausage. So this would basically be a cheese filled sausage.

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Cheese mixed in with the meat during the sausage making process

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a spoiled child that likes to tell corny jokes and watch chick flicks. Cannibalism is bad, OP! >:(

Don't worry, the mice will come and clean out that cheese for you.

YDI. If you really needed to eat so close to your workspace then you should have gone with something less messy.

You should've ate in the breakroom like a normal person.

There's these things they invented called napkins? Maybe you've heard of them? Why not give it a go next time and wrap your brat.

I didn't know that cheesy brats were so strange to other people... then again I live in Wisconsin! We know the struggle all too well best of luck cleaning that mess.

First of all sounds like you deserved it. Second, when you're so American you imagine a spoiled child covered in cheese ?

Keyboard keys are removable for cleaning fml