By not mine! - 16/6/2020 05:07

It wasn't me

Today, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to break up with my boyfriend and kick him out after his second relapse. A few hours later, I had police banging down my door. To get back at me, my now ex had called the cops and anonymously reported all the drugs he’d hidden around my house. FML
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By  GamerChickxoxo  |  16

So, step outside and lock the door behind you,or speak through the window/screen

ask them immediately for name and badge number-write it down
-if they refuse to give it to you,you do not have to comply to anything they say,
tell them you are calling the local OIPRD"Independent Police Review Director"

if they give you the information you've asked for-ask if they have a warrant
-if they dont have a warrant-tell them they are not allowed on your property without one and escort them off the property
-explaining the situation involving the ex is optional,but a good idea-they probably wolnt come back,do not admit to any drugs being on your property,if its on your property,your the one who gets charged with possession, if its found on your property and no one claims it both parties involved get charged.
-Do not let them in without a warrant
-do not leave the door unlocked or open-that gives them legal permission to enter

-if they become aggressive and cause property damage,start bashing down your door/windows ect without a warrant-grab your gun and put a bullet in their head.

  GamerChickxoxo  |  16

oh and if they do find anything
and you get charged
if it says X grams, X pills, they tend to pocket alot of it and only report a little bit, ie: 2 grams of weed instead of 1/4lb just take the fine/charge dont correct it in court youll just be fucking yourself.

  coute21  |  6

The last part was unnecessary. You're talking as if police acting like common thugs and breaking into people's properties without a warrant is common enough to warrant such dramatics. It just makes YOU look like the common thug waiting for any excuse to shoot a police officer. All you needed to say was: "don't let anyone claiming to be a police officer in your house without a warrant."

  Perry85  |  42

Where do you live that Cops DON'T act like common thugs? I live in America, which I'm sure I don't have to tell you what's going on right now....