By badtasteinmen - 15/10/2015 18:19 - United States - Beaverton

Today, I finally got the courage to leave my controlling and manipulative ex. He took it well. And by "took it well", I mean he camped out my doorstep, held some of my belongings hostage, and tried to blackmail me into staying with him. FML
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Time to buy an M9......or maybe just get a restraining order or something....


Time to buy an M9......or maybe just get a restraining order or something....

Mossyoak_kw 28

I think I'd go with the M9. A restraining order is just a piece of paper.

Start with a restraining order. That can serve as a filler until the paperwork for the gun clears

spacefish966 18

go out and dick punch the fool.

don't get an M9. for a community neighbourhood the round will go right through him and most likely strike another person and harm them BUT you can get a 12 gauge just the sound of someone pumping one of those is enough to make anyone Shit

JustinJK 21

He sounds like an outstanding gentleman.

amileah13 26

Run as far away as you can from him. And yes, get the police involved. Get a restraining order and yes even though it's just a piece of paper, it could really help you.

Sue him for harassment and get a restraining order.

Call the police! Good on you for leaving such an asshole

jentrynicole 20

Call the cops on him and whatever happens, don't get back together with him.

You should call the police and get a restraining order. If all else fails get someone to kick his ass because he sounds like he deserves a beating