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By Anonymous - 09/08/2023 22:00

Today, my girlfriend found the airtag I'd stuck under her car. The police were called and she kicked me out of her apartment. FML
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have you maybe tried not being a controlling asshole? I would have beaten your ass, no cops needed


have you maybe tried not being a controlling asshole? I would have beaten your ass, no cops needed

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that's dumb, shut up. the cops would definitely have shown up then bc unless you know some sort of martial art, you as a woman, would probably have gotten YOUR ass kicked. By a physically stronger male.

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your username is lame by the way. 😂 edgelord

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**** your life? **** YOUR life? Nah, just straight up "**** you", you creepy ******* weirdo.

Well, I hope she gets pregnant on purpose just to teach you a lesson. Ha!! That'll show ya!

bro really thought he’d get sympathy???

So, why are something like 90% of the FMLs on the front page now either gibberish that never should have made it there, or oblivious assholes?

I think that's probably my fault, I've tried using social media to get people to confess stuff on here, stuff they'd never dare tell anyone else, in all anonymity. I can usually detect the fakes before they're posted, but if someone can provide proof that a story is a fake or just impossible, I'll remove it. Oh, and sometimes one story gets posted and it inspires others to confess their worst misgivings! So, yeah, some stories may seem weird, but I've watched enough true crime YouTube to know that reality is often way weirder than fiction.

You want sympathy for being a stalker creep? Wow...

you sick f**k. you need therapy. you're an abusive, controlling asshole. I know, I've been with one. I could write a whole paragraph about you, but all I'm gonna say is good for her for kicking you to the curb. my advice is DON'T ever contact her again. she's emotionally strong and you'll end up in jail. but maybe that'll teach you to get therapy and change your behavior.