By Anonymous - United States - Spring
Today, my boss got mad at me because I told her that I wouldn't be able to work two days out of the week, due to college classes. She then cut back my hours so much that I now only work one day a week. I got the job in the first place to pay for my college classes. FML
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  Ichiya  |  29

I think it might just be me. I don't get stressed over much. Also I'm extremely good at remembering facts. Usually just the lecture and the homework is plenty for me to learn the material. So tests don't seem hard to me. Thats why I have a hard time understanding how others handle tests.

By  doemetoch  |  28

Did you talk about this before? I mean, did your boss know you'd have classes you needed to be free for, or did you fail to mention that during the job interview? Because if so, Y kinda DI. If not, well, good luck finding a better job with a less sucky boss...

By  MariaGiovanni  |  25

well did she hire you on the condition that you could work those days? when looking for a job most people say they have a wide open schedule then that schedule slowly shrinks so I can understand her frustration. However it should be easier for you to get a job elsewhere now that you are currently employed so use those extra days to find something better.

By  jazalea8  |  16

Your boss sounds like a prick. If your boss knows you got the job to help pay for college classes, your boss might have cut back your hours so you quit school.