Bad omen

By CastAway - 24/05/2009 00:16 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I went down to the pier. I brought an empty bottle and some paper, and we both constructed a massive letter expressing our passionate love for each other. We stuck it in the bottle, and threw it out to sea, only to see it explode in slow motion on a protruding rock. FML
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There's nothing romantic about littering, y'know.

Your love is explosive?


triscuit 0

Take it as a sign...?

responses 0

Maybe theybwill be explosive in bed.

zendaddy0 0

sweet you can see in slow motion that's awesome

" you couldn't hit water if you threw something into the ocean"

GrimReefer66 29

Hands down, one of the funniest comments I've ever read.

Your love is explosive?

zyperman43 19

And it happens in slow motion

There's nothing romantic about littering, y'know.

helllllllo_9 0

LMAAAOOOO, that sucks. oh well. this is likee.. not really an fml or a ydi


It's an omen! Quick, beat her with a rock!

Random luck? Can't expect to have an amazing throw all the time.

why the fuck would you do that in the first place? I mean seriously WTF. ydi for having no life. that could be the gayest thing I have ever heard

GlumpyWonderCat 0

How did it explode in slow motion? Can you bypass the laws of physics?

I'm sure you could with what your smoking lol

pinkpolarbear 8

just throwing this out there, everyone is saying "how did you see it in slow motion" im wondering, how did it explode in the forst place? bottle rocket? mentos and coke?

Lancerman7449 0

I'm pretty sure it blew up when it hit the giant rock they talked about dumbass ^^^

Why would you even through it on a rock??? ^-^

Constructing a letter :')