By Tom_why - 23/05/2009 19:27 - United Kingdom

Today, I was helping some mental health patients at work, I spent 20 mins to fail to connect the DVD player to the TV and went back to make them something to eat. I came back into the room after 5 mins and one of the patients had connected it for himself. He has a profound learning disability. FML
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Your giving them way too little credit. They are humans like you and me after all.

You might be retarded.


You might be retarded.

i agree u must be retarded it isn't that hard to connect the TV to the DVD player and let alone a mentally challenge guy did it!!!

redsox4021 0

don't underestimate challenged people you dumbass

Or the patient could be an idiot savant. They have extremely amazing talents.

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Hah, that stuff is hard, dont feel bad =) Thats funny though, good for tht kid

no it isn't you attach three wires! they're even colour coded!

You're really the patient, and he is the employee. You have multiple personalities. Twist.

AbscenceOfLuck 0

Everyone has their skills and flaws...

shutter island?

damian25 0

what a twist :D

Sounds like your not too bright, should they be taking care of you?

Sounds like you're not too bright either.

Your giving them way too little credit. They are humans like you and me after all.

zolitical 0

Wow you're just pure stupid then. How hard is it to connect 3 cables?

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aww good for them! thats quite sad for you though :p

How can you live in 2009 and not be able to plug a dvd player into a tv? it's color coded for god's sake!!

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Just because they have a hard time learning, it doesn't mean they aren't smart. If you work there shouldn't have figured that out by now...?