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Today, I proposed to a girl I'd been in love with for 6 years. I filled the balcony of the building where I'd first laid eyes on her with innumerable roses and, under the starlit sky, I did it. She later posted on facebook 'OMG. This geek I knew from high school did the FUNNIEST thing today'. FML
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I'm confused. Were you two at least going out?

Were you two dating at all? Or did you just decide to propose out of nowhere with no prior relationship history?


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nitro27x 2

I don't think it would be an FML if she did.

Ox_Baker 0

Maybe she should have posted that on Fakebook.

YDI you should probably date someone before you ask them to marry you

jasmine1259 2

that doesn't necessarily mean she's talking about you.

klepto22 0

that is sad. my friend had this similar situation. and he was better off not being with the pathetic excuse for a chick.

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I'm wondering the same 29. If she was his girlfriend, in a long term relationship, then the facebook post probably wasn't in reference to him. If not, then he's a bit creepy.

americayay 0

71, I don't think that's what most people got out of that, but now that you mention it, it could really be either and if he's mad that she didn't make a facebook post about their engagement, he's dumb, and if he proposed to someone he barely knew, he's weird. But I agree, not clear AT ALL.

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he probably was dating her which was probably why he added that he was in love with her for 6 years too many people on here are assuming they didn't know each other well enough maybe he was like a tool for her and she didn't care at all about him but where is the country satellite provider? i wonder if i was the only person who noticed that

I soo agree. Just becuz she wrote that doesnt mean its about u... But o well.

So many people on talk about the person they're in love with and 9 times out of 10 it ends with the person they love having no idea who the creepy lovey person is and this doesn't sound any different. I'm pretty sure they weren't dating and he's just...odd....

He said "in love with", not "dating", or "in a relationship with". Given her response, it indicates (to me, at least, and seemingly others) that there was no relationship to begin with.

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Shadow_Phantom 26

It means Original Poster, the person who posted the topic. I guess this would be both, I say it's a FML. That girl, if that status update was about you, is very shallow. Was she blond? *shot*

So, you were surprised at her reaction? After 6 years you were that certain she would say yes? Most geeks I know, have at least a modicum of common sense. But you sir, are a dumb ass geek. Never ask a question like that if you do not know the answer.

I agree. Did you really expect her to say yes?

People assume they didn't know each other well enough because there are so many FMLs of people "being in love" with someone who doesn't even know they exist. The OP probably would have clarified with "My girlfriend of 6 years, who I love." As far as "Satellite Provider" I believe this site automatically detects where you are given your IP address. And this individual just happens to have an Air Card or other Satellite Internet service. Tada! :)

I don't think they were even in a relationship. So yeah, kinda creepy, OP. But also really mean of the girl to do that on FB. So both FYL and YDI.


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Okay back-lashers, I know what it's like to be that much in love with someone even if your not dating them. It takes a lot of courge and a hopeless romantic to take a leap like that. I respect this man for his courge and hope he finds a wonderfull woman. Hell, I will go on a date with you.

Yeah, you'd go on a DATE with him. What if he proposed to you like he did to this girl?

she needs to get a restraining order from the OP

I think # 71 is right. But yes, the OP didn't do a very good job of explaining himself.

kewlfox 0

Doesn't sound like she was your girlfriend...

Was she your girlfriend? Have you ever dated her? Anything? If not then you are a sick sick stalker and you need some serious serious help.

If you don't ask questions you don't know the answer to you never learn anything new.

Applejacks77 0

ungrateful bitch she's gonna regret it later on you'll see (:

So she spent part of the day with somebody else before he proposed.

scice03 8

THAT'S what I want to know!!!

Sure, that happens when you ask them out to coffee or to a movie, and they have no idea you had feelings. NOT A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL

I'm confused. Were you two at least going out?

ToxicMoon 0

Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Did you just propose to someone you haven't even dated?

I'm confused too. It didn't say they were dating so did he just randomly propose to a girl he knew and thought he loved? Wow, just wow.

Seriously?! If she referred to you as a "geek from high school", then it's safe to say you two weren't dating. If you proposed to a person you weren't dating, then you deserve to go into the Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs creepy stalker hall of fame.

TheAverageGatsby 0

I don't think so. That's why she called him "some geek from high school."

Yeah, it doesn't sound like she even knew who he was.

Yeah, I'm really confused too (along with pretty much everyone here). From the wording of her FB post, it sounds like they were never going out, or she would have said "my boyfriend did..." But I've never heard of anyone in the last 100 years proposing to someone without dating them for a while first. The other possiblity (thanks to #71 for this) is that they were dating, but she just didn't really appreciate her boyfriend's proposal which he put so much work into. But it's not like we're gonna find out. The OP rarely comments on his/her own FML.

sportsnut 0

I have to go with not dating...and when it comes to loving someone enough to marry them, you really need to have the relationship to get to know them intimately (don't confuse that with sexually)

From what I got out of it, he never even dated her. He just seems like he creepily stalked and admired her for 6 years and was ~in love~ with her but never even dated her. OP, instead of proposing, you might have wanted to try asking her out first. Creep.

Maybe he meant proposed as in proposing to be in a relationship... Or he could have just been creepy.

Op means that they are together - he proposed to her and yet instead of getting excited and posting "omg I'm engaged" on facebook - she posted about someone she knew from highschool. How is that hard for so many people to follow?

Were you two dating at all? Or did you just decide to propose out of nowhere with no prior relationship history?

mj2123 0

Yeah, this is what I'm wondering, too. Why the hell would you propose to someone you're not even dating?


*snort* I stopped playing WOW and Im 5"2 but this hot chick with a nice rackI love and doesnt know me is so hot. I proposed to her even know she doesnt know my name. FML. wtf?

i stalk her around when im not playing WOW *snort*

NDnation44 0

i jerk it to her facebook profile picture *snort*

... did you spend time with her AFTER high school? You didn't just get up and say to yourself, "I think I'll propose to Catherine Smith that with in my biology class", right? Riiiiight?

STVader 0

Maybe he thought he could pull an Edward Cullen. If you stalk her she will come.b (lol, come)

Man_of_the_law 0

Im sorry but you dont propose to a girl your not dating. Thats psyco shit YDI

muffinsareyummy 1

it sounds like you guys aren't dating...therefore, ydi.

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I like to think of it as You Dumb Idiot.

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OMG that's what I used to think it meant! Wow that's cool. :)

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Um, it's pretty clear they weren't dating, and possibly have had very little contact since high school 5 or more years ago. I think she would have been smart to get a restraining order. I'd be scared.

perhaps the fml is that she posted on facebook about the geek from high school instead of the fact that she got proposed to? otherwise, wtf

That's what I'm thinking. Any time a FML like this pops up, usually everyone says YDI for assuming it is about you...yet this one, they are assuming it is about him, when the real FML could be that instead of posting her excitement about being engaged, she posted about a random person.

#11 does make sense, but you would think the OP would make that clear. Also, I've never heard of someone being more excited about geek behaviour than their engagement

There's two ways this story could go because the OP is unclear. One, he wasn't even dating her, and he's the geek she refered to. If that's the case, then he deserved it, because that's just creepy. Two, she posted a facebook status unrelated to the engagement. Honestly, if that were the case, I wouldn't care. I know when I get engaged, I'm not going to post it on the internet the day it happens. I'm going to make sure I call all of my close friends and family and talk to them first, because it's just stupid to find out a close friend got engaged through facebook.

fruitloop1221 1

Well.. You proposed to someone you don't even date? And you think your biggest problem is her posting about it on Facebook? Right. right.

why would she have said yes if she made fun of him on facebook