By Cyrah - 16/07/2019 18:15 - United States

Today, I got rejected from participating in a depression study that provides free medication, for not already being on antidepressants. That's because I can't afford health insurance or medication, which is why I applied to the study. FML
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LostSoul 19
archerbea 4

Feel for you. I can't afford my meds right now.


archerbea 4

Feel for you. I can't afford my meds right now.

EmDizzle2007 28

what are you supposed to be on... if you don't mind me taking an interest.

LostSoul 19

Have I tried the free clinic usually if you tell them your situation then they could help

Miss Beep 14

I applied for one for depression as well but was rejected because my anxiety is worse than my depression 😂😭 those things are so dumb

courtalex 5

Wish I could give y’all the script I don’t use but still fill in case. Sorry this is happening to you ):

I can’t afford the only med that treats one of my autoimmune issue. And I qualify for 0 assistance unless if I get a divorce. I was actually told to and then call back. From the company who makes it. Don’t you love falling through the cracks?

PlagueofFiction 20

That's horrible! How can a company have the nerve to say something like that?!

I love the smell of late stage capitalism in the morning

That’s rough but does that also mean you have no recent/current medical diagnosis of depression? That would mess up their study if they didn’t have a doctor’s diagnosis as a baseline.

Ah, the american health care system 👍 money is all that matters. I feel for you, truly. Without my anti depressants I probably wouldn’t be alive today. I had to fight for it, but at least health care doesn’t cost a fortune where I live..