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Today, I tried to tell my best friend how wrong she is to be dating a married man, whose wife happens to be pregnant with their first child. Our talk ended with her calling me a "meddling, frigid bitch" and me being told this is why I can't get laid. FML
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OP here. It's been three years since the incident, and I finally took the time to read all the comments and figured I can now do a complete follow-up. My best friend and I were in our senior year of high school, and the married man she was seeing was a few years older than us. I didn't know him or his wife. Basically, the guy had a long-term girlfriend who he left because he moved across the country, where he met my best friend. She dated him and lost her virginity to him, so he was her "first love" and that whole deal. He went back to his old town to visit friends and family, slept with his ex, and then came back to my best friend who didn't know. He found out his ex was pregnant, dumped my best friend, and married his ex who moved across the country to be with him and raise their family. My best friend was heartbroken, but I guess he was telling her that he still loved her and was only married to his wife because she was pregnant, but he would eventually leave his wife for her. She- being vulnerable and young- believed it and kept seeing him. Looking out for my friend's best interests, I tried to tell her that what she was doing was wrong- not just for the wife and kid, but for herself, because he obviously was using her and had no intentions of leaving his pregnant wife. She didn't like what I was saying and essentially told me to **** off. I didn't tell the wife (even though I wanted to) because I didn't know her and didn't need my best friend to be mad at me. I was kind of afraid of her because she has a very aggressive personality and I've always been very passive. But anyway, she eventually found someone else and ended things with the cheating asshole. It took some time though. Nevertheless, her and I are still friends. We dropped the "best" though and I keep her at arm's length because new incidents have arisen throughout the past couple of years that made me realize she doesn't deserve my friendship. Karma also helped a girl out and I'm happily married while she still searches for someone who will love her despite the fact that she's crazy. And you best believe I've been keeping my husband far away from her. Thanks for reading! Sorry this was so long.

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Tell her at least you're not so desperate to get laid that you'd chase after people who are already taken.

She's the bitch.... But I'm sure you put yourself out there you will get laid!


She's the bitch.... But I'm sure you put yourself out there you will get laid!

She's the one who's meddling... And she's talking about why YOU can't get laid? Bitch, please! She's so desparate, the closest thing she has to a relationship is humping a horny man whose wife is too pregnant for sex. The whole thing will be over in 9 months when the wife reopens for business anyway.

Stop replying to the first comment on EVERY SINGLE ONE of your comments

I'm sorry, I'm with 36 here. I have no problem with you trying to get your comments read, nor am I one to complain incessantly about threadjacking, but please try to occasionally contribute something that's relevant to the thread.

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Yay! 36 and 42, I'm glad you've both joined me in this thought.

I just have to mention that I find it hilarious that 31 has tips on how to get an fml published but has 0 of 18 fmls published.

42- I usually do, it's just really obvious when I threadjack.

Futacy seems like a good guy. Why the hate?

Tell her at least you're not so desperate to get laid that you'd chase after people who are already taken.

Can I hire you to give me lines in an argument cause my mind draws a blank as soon as the tension goes up and kicks back in once the argument is over

Desperate is just about the least powerful word you can use here. Her friend is more like a skanky bitch-ass ************.

She'll need some ice for that one, better chip it off from her heart!

I wouldn't even be friends with a person like that . Op consider telling his wife because your "friend" doesn't seem to mind sharing and cheating who knows who else she's doing. His wife doesn't deserve to be treated like that F her life.

People will deny something because they fear it to be true. I'm sorry, OP.

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Tell that poor lady! She doesnt deserve this!

Adding to 3's comment, at the end of the day, the Original Poster can be proud of her morale. Her friend, on the other hand, will probably end up with an STD or few.

Don't waste your time caring about her. Worthless.

Exactly my thought. If your best friend has such little morals that she goes and dates a married man, that's sick. She needs to learn how to value her friends and treat them with respect, especially when they're trying to help her. If she wants to keep digging her own hole, let her. And watch the whole thing blow over right in her face when the wife finds out.

That just means she knows what she's doing is wrong, at least deep down. Not much to do beside brush yourself off and watch it blow up in her face.

Yep. I know she's your best friend, but sometimes you have to let people that you care about learn the consequences of what they're doing themselves.

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90- What? 45 looks nothing like Zach Galifianakis.

90- Naw, look at the names. their profile pics are just so similar it's scary.

Your better off without a friend like her.

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Tell her you're not the one desperate enough to sleep with a married man.

It's okay, karma will get her back sooner or later.

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Wow. What a great best friend...

Honestly if I was in that position I wouldn't be friends with her anymore ,what she's doing is wrong and she knows it . If she calls you names and does things like that to others who says she wouldnt try to get with your future man too? She has no morals I can't even imagine how upset with myself I would be if I even thought about taking a married man. Consider telling his wife she doesn't deserve to be treated like that and who knows who else your friend is doing she obviously is okay with sharing.