By Anonymous - 11/03/2010 22:44 - United States

Today, while at the dog park, I suddenly had to use the bathroom really badly. Since there weren't any facilities nearby, I decided to go behind a tree and relieve myself there. While doing this, two other owners, one who's in my math class, noticed me, despite me trying to hide. She definitely saw everything. School will be fun tomorrow. FML
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skyeyez9 24

My female friend was in the army on a field training exercise. She had to poop so found a private spot. Just as she was in the middle of #2, a group of Rangers filed past.


so_unfortunate 0

eh dont worry about it dude... we all have our fair share of embaressing encounters as caught changing in my car...i couldn't look that guy in the eye ever again..

Monikabug 9

@1 The changing in the car incident has happened to me, too! It is even more embarrassing when the man just stands outside your car window, staring until you drive away.

greendaygirl999 5

Eh, it's not like you're the first one to do it. Don't beat yourself up about it

spiderman0606 0

haha that's funny, but I bet you were fine. Just one of those things you can easily laugh off.

Good thing her dog didn't get "pissed off" (on) and go after your wood :-P

Nice try with your pun, but it didn't really work. And to the OP, yeah that sucks now but both of you will have forgotten about it by next week. Try to go further into the woods next time.

Monikabug 9

You know, D. King of the Bad Puns. He owns up to it, and he owns the title well. LOL :) at least he tries? sometimes they work out perfectly.

In Soviet Russia, tree pees on you.

ydiftw?? WTF nobody gives a shit bout u or soviet russia go die in a rotten pussy

why do guys and dogs pee on trees? hmm..

@ 42 Somehow, the "Soviet Russia" jokes aren't as funny today as the "Russia" jokes were during the Soviet Era. Nowadays, I'm kind of like "So what?"...

You do realize that that was 19 years ago right?

it's better to be pissed off then pissed on

@23 ehhh just like life you win some and lose some but as long as your "up" by the end of the day (take note... now that was a bad pun...) you know you've done well... but seriously I don't plan any of these jokes they just happen:-P @46 lol... are you suggesting men = dogs or just that tree are strangely inviting?

sorry if this sounds bad, but if you have a decent dick and she was hot, I would consider this a good thing

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GeoThermalSleuth 0

Why would you go and Pee ... IN A PUBLIC DOGPARK!? Seriouslly dude that's just weird. But hey, on the brightside, school will be fun tommorow. :D

Duran40 0

@55 lmfao hahahaha that was pretty funny aww I forgot what I was gonna say oo yea **** Russia!!! hehe

Blue_Coconuts 7

You wanna get peed on by a tree? Come to LA and I'll buy a tree costume and yell things in Russian for you. It'll save you some money.

Kureeziineko 3

@80, did it ever occur to you that some guys prefer their privacy no matter how big they are? PS it's spelled "you're"

ckydc 0

@112 ps: you forgot the : after ps. Don't try to correct someone else, if you can't.. cool guy?

haa sucks for you was there like not a restroom near by?

I knew a guy who peed in the Coca Cola Factory, but his stream got on some wires and he was given a shock of electricity, which turned him into an impotent meatbag. (I bet he won't drink POWERaid again, huh? heehehehe-I am so funny..... laugh dammit!)

lmao I have no idea wat that whole coke thing was about but ur 'laugh dammit' at the end worked

epound28 0

Powerade is a Coca-Cola product, you fucktard.

matt1337c 0

@afatmonkey Mythbusters proved that fake. You lie!!!1!

Actually, if you would use your brain instead of watching some unscientific entertainment show, you would realize it is possible. Mythbusters even corrected themselves by trying to electrocute someone like that, and succeeding.

dude I read ur info, and you sound awsome :D

ArielTheMermaid 17

98 but I saw it on 1000 ways to die!

bugmenotmofo 34

My smart-ass answer is: "Does that look like a police helicopter to you?" But seriously, I mean on combat patrol overseas, where if you steal away to relieve yourself in private, that could be the last time your buddies see you alive.

Monikabug 9

At least your dog didn't try to bite off your "stick," like the one I just Mod'd and said No. :)

itz_towelie 6

how can you say no to a fml about a guy who got his dick bit off by a dog?

Monikabug 9

Just by clicking NO, silly. :)

jamie_leeann23 0

ydi for living in alabama. ;)

denbeste 3

FAIL! we're all equal except me, because i'm better.

gigi_bella 0

Shoot him sexy looks during math. "I had fun last weekend." *sexy hair flip.*

beckster_05 9

#11 Uhm, the OP is a guy and the person who saw him is a girl. ^This happening would be interesting, nonetheless... Ahaha

gigi_bella 0

Oops, sorry, you're right. :)

skyeyez9 24

My female friend was in the army on a field training exercise. She had to poop so found a private spot. Just as she was in the middle of #2, a group of Rangers filed past.