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Today, my mother-in-law grounded me because I went to the store in the "dangerous" rain. My husband says that if I don't obey then we won't work out. FML
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tell him if he's serious he won't work out


I don't even think that's an over reaction

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Tell your mother-in-law her son needs some bigger "gear". If he can't make it happen, it won't work out.

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today, I told my wife not to go out for equipment, but she went anyway and was "grounded" by my mother. My life is lulzy.

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you need a better husband that's less of a mammas boy

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hmmm I hate guys who are weenies to their mommies!!! he needs to grow a pair..

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ok seriously wtf how do u let her ground u? ur an adult?... wtf

Then they won't work out? But then the OP will get fat!

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someone tell me what op means... yeah, sad, I know

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op means original poster :P

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tomohawkinyou = hottie :P today I relized I thought a online chick was hot. FML lawlz

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ahhh ok thanks I had no idea. u kids and ur acronyms!!! ha

dangerous rain? i've lost count of the amount of times i have stepped out my house only to be almost beaten to death by the rain. deadly.

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it depends on the acid content in the rain lol geez it'll burn ur skin right off

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I'm okay with women leaving the house, provided that have fullfilled their duties in the kitchen.

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haha well then his moms a moron

tell his mom she's a bitch and her son is a fucktard

was it acid rain cos that sulfur is badddd for you ;)

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nope actually it means optimus prime... lol

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OP: GET OUT NOW.... before you meet Norman Bates!

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you married into a really cool family. they sound supportive.

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octagon pool orange pimple ostrich people

Yes, the only FMLs accepted are those written by a reclusive group of ostrich people. That's why the OPs hardly ever comment on their own FMLs, because they're hiding their heads in the sand, knowing that some people will be unnecessarily cruel in the comments.

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you momma (in law) so stupid that this *insert fml here* happened!

well....that shit is NOT going to work out. .....And failure to you too because no offense, but you need to get better taste op. -__-

OP is already fat - hence her husband's comment (which is actually just him planning ahead). what you mean is "OP will get FATTER"!

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ok so why r my comments erased

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@185 No, no! Go on, please. Encore! @205 your comments probably keep getting erased because nearly every time you post a comment, you post it twice. The moderators will clean that up.

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This is so fake. Be a grown women you dumb bitch.

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#20, I love your pic. Forgive me if I'm asking the obvious but do you live with your mil? I can't even fathom how desperate I'd have to be to do that and I usually get on with my in-laws. If you are over 18 (cross fingers), tell her that you appreciate the support but you are an adult and free to make your iwn decisions no matter how foolish or life-threatening they may be. And as for your husband, tell him that you are his closest family now and he'd jolly well better remember that.

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who'd you marry, the man or the woman??

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dangerous rain; the new chocolate rain.

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dangerous raiiiinnnn, some stay dry and others feal the pain!

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mmmmm... chocolate rain....

slap her in the face and tell her to go do the laundry. if she refuses put her in a cage and leave. dang woman will learn not to mess with you!

Damn u kno how to take charge. lol I like that tho xD. Seriously tho she's married n she got "grounded" u. Nxt your gonna lose ur tv priveledges OP

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Rearange mother in law = woman hitler

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Hahaha #93 I was thinking the exact same thing,the way you said it made me laugh alot!

tell your husband to grow a pair and deal, 'cause this is B-B-B-BULLSHIT!!!

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hahahahhahahahahaha but seriously, what the ****?

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whoa!!!!! that's effed up on both of them

**** her, dont **** him, get a baseball bat to threaten her with

this is almost as bad as the about the stepmother that threw out her daughters last memory of her birth mother

@190 and 145 I'm laughing so hard at your comment I have tears coming down my face

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tell him if he's serious he won't work out

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That is awfully judgemental, for someone you do not even know. ._.

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errr... maybe he's just a mommas boy and it has nothing to do with race/religion? mommas boys are the worst... in most cases... is the monster-in-law rather judgemental and nosy?? she prolly won't ever cut the cord from her wittle boyy... blechhh:/ fyl

Woah, wait just a minute, TruckMom! Logical reasoning isn't accepted by most people here on the FML comments.

wow muslim really? from sexist jokes to rasism ... fail

What the hell, TruckMom? Do you even know what you're going on about? A man does not have authority over a woman in Islam and nor is he being un-muslim just because he let's his mom control him and wife. Sheesh, the ignorance. And how do I know that? Because my family is Muslim and the average Muslim is moderate. But then again your ethnicity reflects your religion and Muslims of Pakistan/India are very moderate/liberal like my family considering we're Pakistani.

The only thing that's made me laugh harder than #61 was the cockmeat sandwich FML a couple of weeks ago.

wow tell your husband to grow some balls and stick up for you

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ha! I'm having the same argument with my fiancé, his mother is the same way!

Are you or the OP by any chance desi? That's the only explanation.

Yup. Someone Pakistani or Indian since they still use the concept of joint-families where the son and his wife kids live in the same house w/ his parents. I can't think of anything else as to why a wife has to answer to het husband's mother. Not saying all desis are like that, I'm Pakistani and we have that concept in our family. Not all of them but there are quite a few.

jdee22 2

that's not us... he's Russian and his mother still thinks they're in the old country where the parents have control over their childrens lives... but I sure as hell am not going to put up with it!

#189 Desi are BY FAR not the only people in the world who live that way. Come take a look at some parts of Asia...

Right, it's still in some parts of Asia and the Middle East too.

I hope for your sake he was kidding. fyl.

Hey. Rain is dangerous. I went out in the rain once and Jesus appeared to me in a puddle. We looked at each other for a few minutes, and then he said,"Moo." I then opened my mouth to reply, but right before I could say something Bob Marley hit me in the head with a four foot long joint and stole all of my Chuck E. Cheese tokens. Now I always carry around an umbrella.

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like Michael Jackson? ohhhh... too soon for that joke??

No, Micheal Jackson carried around a giant ***** DIGUISED as an umbrella. There's a difference. You know, cause umbrellas don't get shoved up people's asses. (unless they're in a ghetto porno)

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what de hell is that dangerous rain!!??

or hail, or acid rain... or if it was raining scissors

Earlier it was raining guns... that was pretty dangerous; those things are heavy!

Dangerous rain can be classified as "cats and dogs". In reality it's your crazy upstairs neighbor throwing cats

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^^^^^ lmao can it really rain fire?

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Da Bible sayz it will rain fire when u sinnurs stay heer an we leav. Someone said that to me once. Lol. Exactly the way i typed it. OP: That's a marriage that SHOULDN'T work out if things don't change If you stay and let it continue, YDI.

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126- yes! of course it can! and then, after that, the unicorns and water fairies will come out to put out the fire!

LoL @321 but srysly, its called a volcano. if that happens you're pretty much effd in the aye anyways so you might as well dance in the (fire) rain

you're an adult. stand up for yourself and leave both their sorry asses

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Wow well you should blatently disobey. This is why marriage is a bad idea. Get out now!