By Anonymous - 11/8/2021 17:01 - United States - Wyoming

Sixth sense

Today, I started crying at work for absolutely no reason. My pregnant coworker walked up to me and said, "Pregnancy hormones, huh?" I never even told her I was pregnant. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  22

I gather from your post you are pregnant and somewhat hormonal. Assuming your coworker had dealt with a similar situation, then it’s not surprising that she recognized the symptoms.

I hope the pregnancy is one you planned and wanted - Every child deserves to be wanted and loved. You should be aware that at least eventually your pregnancy will be clear to everyone, so you need to have thought about how you are going to respond to such observations. A bigger issue, of course, is how you are going to raise a child if you are pregnant. I wish well for you.

  MeganBPD  |  3

Just because she hasn’t spoken about her pregnancy does not mean it wasn’t planned. Just because a pregnancy wasn’t planned doesn’t mean the child was unwanted. Just because a pregnancy was unwanted does not mean the child will be unwanted. How judgemental are you to assume things as such.

  Chazzster  |  22

You seem to have misjudged me. I hope the pregnancy is planned and wanted which is the very best case. Planned or not, every child deserves to be wanted and loved which is what I wish for mom and child.