By Anonymous - 3/3/2021 20:02 - Australia

Admit you're shit

Today, I found out that one of my coworkers, who has been with the company for less than a week, is getting a $7k pay rise. I've been with the company for 8 months and still on minimum wage. FML
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By  Nhayaa  |  21

Studies showed that women are very bad when it comes to value and sell themselves and that's part of why men still have better incomes. So you know what you have to do... go get a raise!

By  bound101  |  7

Sorry, but who cares? Just get your shit together and start the week out by submitting your resume at a business you'd want to work for with better benefits and salary!

By  SM79  |  6

Something similar happened to me at my last job. I'd been with my boss for a year and a half, had gotten a small raise six months earlier, and found out the new hire STARTED at a higher pay rate than I was making at the time I left, doing the same job. I was freaking pissed. It was part of why I left.

I remember working at my first job for 3 years and still making minimum wage. A new employer gets hired and within his first year, he got promoted to manager. I was livid. Later I found out it was because he wasn't very bring and was being used as a patsy, so the manager could frame him for extortion, which the store manager who hired him was actually doing.

It was discovered of what the store manager because we had cameras located around the store and there was repeated moments of large sums of money missing.