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  tyheron  |  0

Yeah just apply for it. This is not a FML, this is a big opportunity for you. If it's basically the same job you should easily get it, unless you suck at your job.

  red1979  |  0

Contractor jobs usually pay more because they don't include benefits and they are only temporary jobs. Be thankful you have a full time job in this economy. 

By  Rick_S  |  3

Keep in mind that it costs far more to employ someone than to contract them. When you employ someone, you have to pay benefits, taxes, insurance, and a ton of other stuff. I don't think that makes up the full seven times your salary, but I hope it helps.

By  underpaid011  |  0

quit crying and APPLY! everyone else on your team already did.

for all you know, so did I. and just so you know, when I get the spot since I will make seven times more than you, it must mean I am your boss. this means you get all the work, while I get to bail out early on Friday and take all the credit.

By  youthink_fml  |  0

BASICALLY the same role? Sounds like you don't even know what the role is. And yeah, if you think you can do the job, why didn't you just apply instead of coming here to bitch and cry?