By blondie107 - 07/05/2013 00:52 - United States - Richardson

Today, I tried lying to my parents for the first time. My mother is a neuroscientist and my father is a psychologist. Somehow, they managed to make me admit that I was lying before I'd even finished. FML
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blondie107 tells us more.

Today was my first success! ... Sort of. Anyone else have parents like this? I finally managed to lie undetected but.. Well.. Like I said, sort of a success.

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Don't mess with the pros.

loulumpkin 8

Now become a sociologist and mind blow them. Then blame society.


Better luck next time! Or maybe you should just be honest with them?

Pshhh but that's no fun! For real tho this is one of the first FML's to genuinely make me laugh out loud hahaha

be honest with them? come on! how many people actually tell their parents the truth about every single thing that is happening in their life..?

Pyro_Wolf 17

I do 75. I just don't tell them a lot of things, that's not lying. It's just not sharing information.

tjv3 10

They done Jedi mind tricked your ass

life_sucks225 13

just dont even try next time

Don't mess with the pros.

There's no messing with that combination

I believe the technical term is...being well and truly screwed. But, honesty is always the best policy.

Don't lie. Lying is never the best answer. Especially when you have parents with said occupations.

oj101 33

Sure, lying isn't the exactly the most moral thing to do, but it can buy time and appease people in the process whilst you figure out how to deal with the situation effectively.

Everyone lies sometimes, you're about to do it right now when you tell me you don't.

She didn't stand a chance I guess with said occupations...

YDI For lying. Plus didn't you know their professions before hand? Just a bad idea all around.

I bet you never ever lie.

No, I do. And it's wrong when I do too. :P

You're living Leonard Hofstadter's life, aren't you? :P

alstbv12 13

I get to be Sheldon!

No I am Sheldon you can Howard

As long as I can be Bernadette!

Bitches, I'll be Amy. I love me a tiara ;)

Is it sad that knowing this random thread about big bang theory was the highlight of my day?

Yes it is but I felt exactly the same way

sumbum95 15

Bazinga. :) I had to do that haha.

XxXkyttiXxX 11

You were born with the odds against you on that one.

loulumpkin 8

Now become a sociologist and mind blow them. Then blame society.

you're obviously not a very smooth liar OP, either that or your parents are really good at what they do

Keyword, "first time", I think most people would have caught OP lying too if they were there.

also key: "to my parents" stating she was lying to her parents for the first time so one would assume she had lied to others before

Don't lie to them. Just avoid being completely honest!

Dairyking 8

Ignore this comment. I misread and this is my edit. Instead, here's a message: make today a day worth having! And happy unbirthday! (Unless it's your birthday; then happy birthday.)

That's what happens when you try to mess with science!