By Fgjvshnb - 06/07/2015 03:54 - United States - Watertown

Today, I once again asked my girlfriend about getting married, as she had previously said she would only get married once gay marriage was legal. She still said no. FML
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Fgjvshnb tells us more.

Consider her dumped!

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Your girlfriend is full of excuses

She meant in Russia. You've still got a couple years to wait!


Redoxx_fml 22

Maybe it was Opposite Day

Your girlfriend is full of excuses

I'd say she was full of something else...

sorry OP but I think it's time you took the hint :/

I think it's time to leave, OP.

vegeta fajita!

Why is it time to leave? OP should ask their partner to be honest. Not every successful relationship needs to be validated with marriage.

OP wants to get married. His girl doesn't (to him at least.) This is what we call "irreconcilable differences". That is the usual excuse given for a no-fault divorce. It would be better for OP to find someone who does want to marry him.

Maybe she meant to marry someone else?

Yup, that's why she had to wait for it to be legal.

Sorry OP, but guess she wanted to "Taste the Rainbow"....I'm sorry.

Was that supposed to be a joke?

At this point, she isn't even worth your time or your love OP. I know you'll find someone better

She meant in Russia. You've still got a couple years to wait!

Or may be 20 years....

Don't you worry. James Bond will deal with that wicked Putin and all will be right with the world.

Or maybe never you know considering it's Russia and everyone knows how they feel about homosexuals.

I don't...

@81, they don't like them.

Yeah, no. That's an over generalization. Not everyone in Russia hates gays. The people who hate them there are the same kind of people who hate them here. Just like in the US, some people hate them, and some don't.

rhcpgurl 18

Sorry OP. She obviously used gay marriage as an excuse to not get married rather acting like an adult and be honest.

Or it's because she's playing a different field then he thinks.

Who says OP is male?

rhcpgurl 18

you got me there ;)

I mean you can't really force someone to get married so....

How western minded of you

Well OP is American.. It'd make sense to say you can't force them to marry.

Oh yeah how uncultured of me, to think that the American couple from Massachusetts can't force each other to get married

15 was OBVIOUSLY being sarcastic, jeeze you people. and the op was not trying to force anyone to marry them, they ASKED about it...

shotgun weddings are american

Shotgun weddings typically involve getting pregnant out of wedlock... That doesn't really fit well in this scenario.