By Anonymous - / Saturday 28 March 2009 18:50 / United States
FML - The follow-up
PeppermintPenny Say more :
OP here, hi. I REALLY can’t believe this got posted. Out of all the times I tried, this FML had to be my first that got published. I would’ve preferred some others, but that’s what you get for trying I guess. I bet you’re all wondering about my age, I’m 19. Being completely curious about the background of most FMLs, I promised myself I’d do a follow-up no matter what, so here it is. It seems my post...
By PeppermintPenny - / Monday 6 April 2015 13:54 / Germany - Leopoldsh?he
By farmvillefail - / Saturday 9 January 2010 00:10 / United States
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