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  Nova Solarius  |  10

Insects probably don't have the ability to figure that out quite as easily as we can. Might have to do with them being insects, not primates or other animals with similar levels of intelligence.

  Xatraris  |  35

I was going to post the same thing but didn't because it would get down voted anyway. It's myoglobin. If it were blood your steak would have a lot of black goo all over it due to the blood coagulation. As someone previously said, it could be the way they grilled the steak, not sucking the blood out.

  TheBigSneeze  |  22

Thats not how it works, thats not how any of this works!

But seriously, mosquitoes are around wherever there's still water so if you can, dump out any buckets of water or tings that have water in them and see if that helps stem the problem. If the problem is a nearby lake, ask about draining it. If the problem is big enough, wherever you live might just drain the lake.

By  Levvy  |  22

Still sucks to have bugs landing on it (no pun intended), but there's no blood in steak. The reddish liquid is myogloboin, water, and various organic pigments.