By Anonymous - 27/02/2022 18:00

Today, according to my husband's brother, he only went on a second date with me all those years ago because I gave him head on our first date. His father and stepmother supported this claim as well. I can’t decide if I’m more embarrassed they know, or furious that he told them something so crude. FML
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Do you have issues with women doing what they want with their mouth?

Hard news to swallow, I bet


It's wrong of him to bring it to light but why the Hell would you give oral sex on the FIRST DATE?! Were you down bad desperate? Coerced? Inebriated? WHY?!

Lots of girls have sex on the first date, oral and beyond. It will either be a one-night stand or grab the attention of the guy. It's a strategy that saves time.

Do you have issues with women doing what they want with their mouth?

Jon Tessler 14

I guess he has never been in that situation

Absolutely he hasn't.

As OP proved, THAT'S how you get a second date.

You do what you want on a date, whether first or hundredth date, as long as you both consent!

That sucks. Hahahaha! It was bad taste to tell his family, and I'm sure you've had enough with bad taste.

Hard news to swallow, I bet

What are you doing Tuesday?

Hey you got the second date, is your last name Goodhead?

Mysterious_one 26

sad to hear that , I hope he doesn't more intimate stuff to his family after marriage too