By "Shadley Chase Teladia" - South Africa - Johannesburg

Coincidence plays tricks on us!

Today, I finally got to meet the parents of the girl in which I have been dating for 3 months. I discovered that a month before we started dating, I had a one-night stand with her sister. And a week before that, I had a grinding session with her mother at a bar. No one is saying anything and her father is really bulky. FML
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By  TCRII  |  29

You need to either end it now or come clean with the girl.

By  juggalo2  |  15

You didn't know the one-night stand was your future GF's sister, and you (I hope) didn't know the mother was married. So you didn't do anything wrong. I would tell your GF, but not the father, and then let sleeping dogs lie. At least you know your GF will still be hot when she's older.

By  mfranks19891989  |  10

The one night stand with the sister she’s going to be upset with that, but I assume both of you have had relationships before each other. I would come up with a good reason why the relationship with the sister didn’t go past 1 night.
And for grinding on your girlfriends mom Unless your a stripper and your girlfriend knows about it your most likely going to get dumped.