You're going to hell

By he's not the one going to hell - 12/09/2014 21:11 - Australia

Today, some assface hacked my recently deceased friend's Facebook account. The person changed my friend's location to "Hell", then posted a status saying how hot the weather was, and replied "I wish :'(" to someone who'd said my friend was in a better place now. FML
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Some people are just unbelievably shitty. Sorry OP.

..........What the actual fuck is wrong with people??!!!


Some people are just unbelievably shitty. Sorry OP.

can't facebook owners delete his/her account? sorry op

How did people vote YDI for this

People have no souls these days. I'm so sorry about your friend OP. I send you my condolences. He is truly in a better place now. And although I'm quite sure the number of YDI will go up cause of assholes who have no heart, but the number is 666. Weird coincidence.

They can actually turn it into a memorial page so that things like this can't happen. it turns off the ability to log into the account but keeps pictures and stuff there.

#71, that's what my late best friend's mom did to her page after she passed away. OP, I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry people suck so hardcore.

nobody deserves that

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#43 But the person is dead... It's hard to delete a fb account if you're dead.

I marked it down by accident

this is actually somewhat hilarious

It's hilarious when you talk about it with friends as a joke. When someone actually does it though, it is just plain heartless and disrespectful.

Nope not funny either way #41

I mean joking with friends when you say 'when I die I want my best friend to type a status saying "chilling with Jesus" ' not laughing at hacking a deceased persons account and being disrespectful.

What a douche canoe.

Thumbs up just for the most adequate use of "douche canoe".

And a total twat waffle

..........What the actual fuck is wrong with people??!!!

What the not so actual fuck is wrong with them too?

Some people will do anything for a laugh no matter how fucked up it is

lexiieeex3 32

That's just so disgusting.

Misery loves company...

Am I the only one who thought of Three Days Grace when I read this?

That's pretty screwed up, OP. I hope someone finds out who the hacker was and they get put in their place.

Karma will get them.

there is absolutely no such thing as karma

Maybe to you there is no karma, but not to others.

Or maybe the guy who died will haunt him :D That'd be great

That's just low and completely disrespectful. Sorry this happened to you OP, I'm sure this hasn't helped the mourning and loss get any better

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Before anyone comments saying "How is this an FML for you", well shut up. OP was perhaps close with the friend.

juturnaamo 29

Let me be indignant about something that hasn't happened yet!

Umm, I don't think anyone was going to say that.

even if people had comments like that, theyd be moderated so....

Well it's not like he can post it himself...

Whatever happened to human compassion? Sorry this happened OP, some people just have no respect anymore