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Everyday racism

Today, my college did a fire drill, and instructions were given by intercom in English and Spanish. The guy beside me mused, "If they say it in English and Mexican, why not say it in Black too?" That guy is my idiot brother, and he was dead serious. Sometimes I think our parents are related. FML
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  zach205  |  24

As the last 2 comment said, it does, I will even explain how for you. Let's say X is a normal healthy gene and x is one that carries a birth defect, since it is recessive, no problem. Both parents have the gene Xx due to being related, and are not effected, but they have a kid, there is a 25% chance the kik will have xx.

  hamrtym  |  15

Thank you 28. No offense 3 but you sound just as stupid as the OP. An entire group of people can't be confined to one dialect. Hasty generalizations can never be "politically correct".

  wanted_2_want  |  40

It used to amuse me how people can not understand that the Spanish language is spoken in about 20 countries and yet they call it 'Mexican'.
I guess high school education can't fix idiotic people. Sigh.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I think 7 meant more that it is in the U.S. and if they're going to an English speaking/teaching college they should be able to understand what was said in English. 7 also probably wondered why just Spanish and not a multitude of other languages like Chinese and Arabic seeing as the U.S is a melting pot and that was probably the reason for a second language; why was Spanish chosen.

  jazzy_123  |  20

why was Spanish chosen? oh I don't know, maybe because English and Spanish are the two most spoken languages in the US. I am so offended by this FML. I swear if I ever come across someone who refers to the Spanish language as "Mexican" I will go crazy.

  meggieeeee92  |  27

You do know that the US doesn't have a set language. Even though the majority of people speak English, we do not have an official language here. You should know your facts so you don't sound ignorant.

  Steffi  |  26

You do realise not all people outside the U.S. know all the ins and outs of U.S. culture? Could you tell me the second most spoken languages in other English speaking countries (for example) off the top of your heads?