By Anonymous - 10/04/2012 14:39 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, it was the only time in my life that I have ever received an A+ for something. Thank you, eBay buyer. FML
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perdix 29

Hah! You did something to earn yours. The only A+ I've ever gotten was my blood type. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Well... An A is an A either way, right?


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lavitaebella_fml 0

^ How old are you and what school do you go to? I'm pretty sure teachers aren't allowed to bump up your grade just for speaking to them about it. But, you're right, if someone knows they're failing a class, they should talk to their teachers about it.

pookberry 4

Uh :/... Even if you talk to a teacher to bump up a grade you still originally got a bad grade

pookberry 4

Soooo... Number 15, you get an F for your unfortunate comment.

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pookberry 4

Nice try but I had already edited my comment lol

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29) Lol. Yeah. Well, I did not do to bad in school myself but I could be known for misspelling myself. So don't worry about corrections. I just do it for a few giggles. I'm no grammar nazi in any way

15 - Man, you must go to the easiest school in the world. I think you should try to go to med school and see if you can win your teachers over with that attitude.

kandi_kid69 15

31- Not all teachers let their students redo a project/assignment/quiz even if you do try to talk to them about it. And some people get bad grades because they have trouble paying attention and/or don't fully grasp what's being taught even it was explained thoroughly. Your argument is invalid.

twisted_cherub 14

15- Seriously? You're going to come on here and tell people there's no reason to get bad grades? Get ready to be verbally beaten. I'll even take a turn... Not everyone licks as much teacher ass as you evidently do and most teachers don't give a crap. The way our education system is set up, lack of funding for schools, and lack of parental involvement are the top reasons for failing grades.

KiddNYC1O 20

15- You kind of contradicted yourself...

boundbytheanimus 9

Sorry, 15, but I agree with a lot of the other comments. I bust my ass to make the great grades that I do, and I'm not humble about it for that very same reason. I never ask my teachers for a second chance. When I get a bad grade, it's simply because I didn't work hard enough.

I think 15 gets it. We don't need 6 different people replying to the same damn comment saying the same damn thing.

Cad6, sometimes you make funny comments, and sometimes you state the truth, either way, you do it with style

I kind of sort of half agree with 15... I've gone to instructors and explained my situation (medical condition) and almost all of them worked with me, but my situation isn't the norm. There are acceptable reasons to go to teachers about making up work, but most of the time that really isn't the case. If you shirk your responsibilities, that's your problem.

68- Or sometimes I get mad and post a fail comment. In my opinion, I don't really understand why I got thumbed down. All the people who responded to 15's comment essentially said the same thing, which was contradicting her. Why? Her comment was thumbed down, so obviously anyone contradicting her would get thumbed up. People post comments to boost their failed egotistical minds and enjoy a blissful happiness on the increasing number of +1's they get. Thumb me down ye trolls. I'm taking it with open arms.

I should have post "first". Probably that would have gotten better results. Instead we are talking about something completely unrelated lol

aimeesea75 16

32) ahem.. did not do *too bad :3

boundbytheanimus 9

73- Or people just wanted to put their 2 cents in whether it was worth it or not.

89. It's sense, not cents. It isn't money your talking about, correct?

It's a figure of speech. She said it right.

boundbytheanimus 9

Look, 101, if you're going to pretend to be a "grammar nazi", at least do it with some damn accuracy.

tekcor 2

101 - Intellect is obviously not your thing. Maybe you can get on a reality show.

user324234324 1

You could try harder in school?

Who needs school when you're passing Ebay 101 that well?

Just because you try hard in something doesn't mean you'll get an A+. There are those who do nothing and receive the highest grades, and those who try their hardest and fail to break past a C. And since this obviously bothers OP I assume that the lack of an A+ is not due to her slacking off in school.

lukep135 6

Trying harder in school? That would just make too much sense

If you smoke weed, you're grades can get as high as you do.

That is a really terrible stance to have.

ripresno 10

Totally agree with 48 because I used to be the kid who doesn't try at all and received great grades then I thought I could do better and ended up failing three classes when I started to try

Hydromaniac 1

If it worked like that my school's average would be much higher.

Getting one A+ isn't that hard. Sure, some kids are smarter than others, but MOST of it is working harder and working smarter. Cognitive psychologists have done studies on this.

Could be worse, doesn't sound like you're failing at everything?

amandajlucas2015 2

Actually that is Wut it sounds like

no 34....i used to sell things on ebay and there are so many assholes that'll do anything to get their money back and keep the "broken when it got there" item, so finding someone who cooperates is nice...

QueenQuay77 10
bargarlm 2

Maybe you should work harder then in school, OP...... The A+'s there are a little more fulfilling.

Well... An A is an A either way, right?

True, very true, and OP can thank EBay for awarding them with such a high grade on their purchase.

iiDangerCloseBK 6

Lucky, the last 2 items I sold on eBay never got paid.

UnIt's a satisfied customer you have there. Keep it up and you might be able to get something going!

perdix 29

Hah! You did something to earn yours. The only A+ I've ever gotten was my blood type. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

I've had lots of A+ grades - my blood type is only one of them.

Jakesterk96 8

I'm an A+ buyer on eBay, not seller however. There was some upset when I listed to sell a bag and decided I wanted to keep it.