By Anonymous - 16/01/2022 02:01

Today, my husband is so useless that he forgot to pick our son up from my mother's, forgot to take our daughter to the doctor, forgot to buy some groceries we need, and after begging for another appointment with the doctor, he forgot what was wrong with our daughter (a massive rash) I despair. FML
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I think HE needs a doctors appointment

Is your husband on drugs? Or does he just not care?


Is your husband on drugs? Or does he just not care?

Early onset dementia?

I think HE needs a doctors appointment

Weaponised incompetence.

sounds like your husband need to see a neurologist to see if he has a brain

At that point I'd honestly bring him to the doctor, he himself could have a myriad of problems that he's forgetting as well. My ADHD family members and even my dementia family member never forgot that much.

Clearly you need to alter the dynamic of the relationship. I suggest going FULL FEMDOM/Dominatrix and literally whip him into shape

Vesi 28

Never without full consent. =)

Are you sure he's not doing that thing some people do where they pretend to be so incompetent that you stop asking them to do things because it's harder than doing it yourself?

were you working during all that time, could you have called him to remind him if you were