By ggabrams - United States - Ewa Beach
Today, my 17-year-old son came home with a black eye saying he ran into a pole at school. I asked the principal if we could see the tapes. He actually did run straight into a pole. And not just once, twice. FML
ggabrams tells us more :
He didn't give an excuse. I was laughing my ass off in the office though.
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  ottokat  |  15

Inanimate objects aren't victimless. do you think curbs just woke up one day and thought "let me trip people?" no, you ignoramus. they were driven to this.

  lilpsyco  |  16

No explanation necessary I've done this many of times. I once tried to walk through a nearly closed door at school only to have shut on my head and thigh. Then again I've never done it twice in a row to the same object.


Well c'mon, at 17 years old if you are clever enough to run into a pole twice, there's a good chance that earlier in life that child would have been "naturally selected" if not for society's idiotproofing. And I'm not that evil to say he should die. Just saying I think maybe mother nature got cheated out of that kill.


43- ran into a pole TWICE is the point. Normal person hits something and learns. This person did it again. Darwinian theory would say someone unable to learn from their mistakes is not destined for a long life span. Imagine this person in another situation. They sky dive with a cheap parachute and almost die. Normal person says wow, I should not cheap out while jumping from a plans. Ill get a good parachute if I ever jump again. This person says ill do that again and see if the same thing happens.

  Dawnstempest  |  17

@ 45 Now now, let's not insult the nice crazy people who jump out of perfectly good planes.
If this guy did it he'd forget to put his parachute on before accidently tripping and falling out of the plane. And unfortunately for him, he would not have the rest of his life to pull it back in and throw it out again. If by some miracle he lived, he'd be back up in that plane within the hour, ready to try again.

  brinnablaine  |  22

certain kinds of seizures can cause that. I've spaced out and done some pretty unexplainable things resulting in bruises, scrapes, and even a few concussions. OP's kid sounds like he needs a few tests.

  migmit  |  11

Oh, come on! Repeating the experiment to see if it would have the same outcome is in Experimental Science 101! It's people like OP's sone who created Internet!


yes, you have to love psychology. In my opinion the youth of today is just very stupid. This isn't the first time I've seen or heard of people doing the same action like this twice is happening more and more frequently.

  kittykat1501  |  31

45, it's called science. He did an experiment. It hurt to get hit by a pole, and he wanted to see if it would hurt again! ( semi- sarcastic, semi- joking, and also semi-serious)

  ArcheryCole99  |  12

I think #5 should get his spelling checked out...