We're up all night to not get some

By Anonymous - 21/03/2020 03:00

Today, I must be the only woman on the planet with a boyfriend who turns down sex because he feels like he’s got a headache coming. FML
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Not the only one. My boyfriend gets migraines

Amanda G Rich 23

its actually super common for men to lose interest in sex. just ask any marriage counselor


Not the only one. My boyfriend gets migraines

I think that both you AND your boyfriend should see other men.

yup it's been proven that if a man ever turns down sex even once with a woman he must be gay.... are you serious man?

"He's Just Not That Into You." Sorry

Amanda G Rich 23

its actually super common for men to lose interest in sex. just ask any marriage counselor

People can be uncomfortable, just because he's male doesn't mean it's weird. Don't continue the stigma! He doesn't seem like he's dissatisfied with how much he already has sex, allow him to relax too! :)

Orgasms release an endorphine that serve as a painkiller. So, the best thing against a headache is sex.

The best thing against sex is a headache. You guys need to talk. With or without a marriage counselor.

coius 23

I second the migraine issue. My wife knows when i get a migraine, its best not to rock the boat. This is because a lot of migraines can cause nausea and other symptoms that can deter intimacy. I have a truly FUBAR back due to an injury on the job 7 years ago. Its destroyed two prior relationships as i could not keep up with the SO (which sadly led to theM cheating). Even now, there’s got to be intense feelings of “horniness” to even bother starting. This is because unless you get over the threshold of pain that one needs to get involved mentally in intimacy, the person not feeling well wont even consider it worth the effort. If you want to try to work around it, i’d start looking into the “cause” of those headaches. And start with anything around the bedroom. Some people are really sensitive to candles and perfumes. This alone has given me migraines. Second, don’t take it personally. If he’s got a stressful job, it may be making him seriously depressed. Try figuring out what lowers his stress levels. Whether its allowing some extra time for him to pursue hobbies, or just suggesting a walk or simple meditation. If the problem isn’t that he can’t have sex because he finds you off-putting (insert w/e reason here) you might just find work-arounds that help. Also don’t be a prude on this, but try finding something erotic you both can watch. It helps the labido of both men AND women. Porn isn’t only for master-bating. Sometimes it can help open up certain enjoyments you both either share, or want to try. Good luck. At least my second wife is way more understanding than my first (which literally slept her way to the bottom of the ladder at her job. No joking)

Lots of guys do... for various reasons... stress, depression, tiredness, fear of lack of performance, could be any number of factors. Or he may just not want lots of sex. The myth that all guys always want sex is just that... a myth!

My partner has had a headache for 8 months .