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  GiddyXD  |  0

you might be ugly or he likes you to bend over.

  Mgr11  |  3

why? he's correct, ugly people with a f-able as* should always cover their faces during sex

  FLChicken  |  0

if u break up with him because he likes his sex with u on your stomach, your an idiot. if u know anything about sex....different positions give different feelings. maybe that one is his favorite ;) I know it's mine.....

  mismonroe  |  0

I'm sure OP is being an annoying, overly sensitive female. Doggy style, or Froggy if she means literally on her stomach is AMAZING, it's like G-Spot Christmas. So maybe he's not really being a douche.

  DaveOnDope  |  4

I have loads of suggestions. But I've been told I'm not to warp peoples tiny little minds anymore.

Ummmm, always use a condom or dental dam with only the appropriate lubricants or flavorings depending on the situation?
(Always worked for me.)