By sheyshey0413 - 13/06/2011 17:05 - United States

Today, I realized that my boyfriend will only have sex with me if I am on my stomach and not revealing my face. FML
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What a nice boyfriend you've got there. You should find someone that appreciates you for more than just sex.

pablothepenguin 2

Your face is his **** block...?


What a nice boyfriend you've got there. You should find someone that appreciates you for more than just sex.

you might be ugly or he likes you to bend over.


^^^ You're comment is gonna get buried so fast...

why? he's correct, ugly people with a f-able as* should always cover their faces during sex

"Just put this paper bag over your head." "Why?" "Because... it's kinky."

jonathanhand 0

OP never said the boyfriend only appreciates her for sex. I doubt he would care what way she was facing if he only used her for sex.

19. It's cause everyone on Fml takes stuff way to seriously now...

"She put a bag on my head." "Still counts."

JennaMason 6

OR she might not be ugly. she might just make ugly faces during sex.

Or her father didn't prepare her for the real world.

ShanieceRamirez9 0

u single.

Just put a bag over his face then let him do it with you anyway or position

you're a bigger dick that OP's boyfriend! guys these days!

Crazy4Christ 0

that was such a funny video!

mismonroe 0

Says someone who has 69 in their screen name lmao

op should also find someone who's not gay... like brokeback mountain, he only likes it from the back for a reason.

LOOOL!!! I like that comment!

nikkibear123 4

I kno right

at least u still get laid? on a serious note, u should jus dump him then being he dosent like the way u look

pablothepenguin 2

Your face is his **** block...?

yyyydyyyy 0

or maybe it's so beautiful that when he looks at it he cums instantly

**** down azz up, that's the way he likes to ***

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Ha! You don't have a picture of yourself so you have no room to talk.

Jojo08_fml 0

kickass, I like your picture(:

If that's the case, I think that it's time for her to dump him.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

ha! I hope someone pisses in your mouth while you sleep! bitch.

meggieh815 0

53- there are moderators other than sirin?

or maybe op has a really funny o-face and her bf just doesn't want to laugh at her?

MissBunnyWillEat 11

61, yes. there are several. Alan is kind of a ninja , though.

meggieh815 0

hahaha, oh I see.

ienjoithinqs 0

she probably has a baby face and he doesn't want to feel like a child molester when having sex with her so he makes at as much as possible to not see her face :)

you should break up

what for liken doggy style?

No, for being a shitdick.

if u break up with him because he likes his sex with u on your stomach, your an idiot. if u know anything about sex....different positions give different feelings. maybe that one is his favorite ;) I know it's mine.....

mismonroe 0

I'm sure OP is being an annoying, overly sensitive female. Doggy style, or Froggy if she means literally on her stomach is AMAZING, it's like G-Spot Christmas. So maybe he's not really being a douche.

I like Christmas.

imnotcraZ 0

that is insulting on so many levels...I don't even have a joke for that...any suggestions?

futtbuck101 1

Put on a paper bag with a little hole in it?

TheDrifter 23

Even if the face isn't working for him, at least op has the kind if ass he fantasizes about?

DaveOnDope 4

I have loads of suggestions. But I've been told I'm not to warp peoples tiny little minds anymore. Ummmm, always use a condom or dental dam with only the appropriate lubricants or flavorings depending on the situation? (Always worked for me.)

Alysin 14

it sounds like you need a better guy

meggieh815 0

I hope he's your ex boyfriend?


meggieh815 0

.. I didn't say anything rude towards OP. I don't have a picture on here because I don't know how to do it. You don't have a picture of yourself either...

rosha267 21

Are you sure it's not just because it feels amazing? Either way your guy sucks for not changing it up

DaveOnDope 4

Variety is indeed the spice of life!