By Anonymous - 09/12/2009 00:23 - United States

Today, while sleeping over at my guy friend's house, I woke up mid-air after falling off his abnormally high loft bed. Luckily, there was a table and 3 shot glasses to break my fall. FML
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Was it necessary to mention that he was your "Guy friend"?


it's totally like "the kick" in inception, the falling sensation made you wake up! Reason for fall? Shot glasses

pfft...."guy friend".

You, a girl, slept in the bed of your guy friend? Awkward.

oucchh that sucks

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why is this in the intimacy category?

it's in misc on my phone atleast. they only way this would qualify for the intamcy category is if 'guy friend' was code for f*ck buddy...which we all know it probably does.

intimacy* oops

Was it necessary to mention that he was your "Guy friend"?

Atleast mobile users know it's a girl now. I've never heard a guy say "I was chilling playing some CoD with my guy friends."

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Luckily?? Ok then you ought to be good to go then huh?!


Why are you complaining? Clay Aiken would have went through the table, stood up and roundhoused your guy friend for not putting more shotglasses on the table.

You really need to get over your Clay Aiken obsession. Commenting something about Clay Aiken on every single post does not make you funny.

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He's just trollin'. Also, wtf, #10, Clay Aiken does not roundhouse kick, that's Chuck Norris' thing. Pshh.

I have seen the YouTube videos of Clay Aiken performing roundhouse kicks. It is truly an awesome sight...go search for them yourselves and see what I have seen with your own eyes.

@LatinoHeat the whole Clay Aiken thing mightve been funny on the first post you did it on but not on the what,6th? OP Fyl that mustve hurt!!

Please don't feed the troll.

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ily clay aiken troll :3