By Anonymous - 21/09/2015 13:00 - United States - Grand Junction

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex when halfway through, he leaned over to grab his cup of hot coffee off the nightstand. He then attempted to drink it and spilled most of it on me. He never stopped thrusting the whole time, and wanted to continue after. FML
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The_Bengineer 13

Sounds hot.

Who drinks coffee during sex


The_Bengineer 13

Sounds hot.

Literally lol

Quite steamy, in fact.

Sounds like a hot mess

Steve95401 49

Talk about having hot sex.

what a sizzling performance

TurtleShampoo 14

all of these comments are puns

You just had to be the combo breaker, didn't you?

not really sure why you were downvoted so much...personally, i was getting tired of all the puns. and what you said was simply a fact. lol.

no shit wow, you must feel like you discovered the sun

your screams of pain excited him

someone doesn't enjoy some beam... can mark off that you don't have that fetish

Who drinks coffee during sex

that man. gives him the energy he needs!

groovycrazyjoe 18

he needed energy lol

Needed that caffeine so he could stay up and go at it for a few more hours

A true coffee lover

Who drinks ANYTHING during sex?

#48 Well, if I learned anything from watching porn there might be something that people drink during sex.....

The ops boyfriend obviously

gotta stay awake

maybe he was in his office?

who takes a coffee break mid-sex?

I guess he likes creamy coffee.