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  PDSot  |  21

it does say that they were able to check it so it's their fault for not checking it to begin with
it's not "everybodys phone is different" they were literally able to check it and they didnt

By  snowkittyyy  |  18

Sorry to hear that OP. At least now you know to check your voicemail whether you get notifications or not, in the future. I'm sure more opportunities will arrive, keep your chin up! :D

By  happysmile987  |  24

Ouch, I feel your pain OP, I've done that before - but I only missed one job opportunity. I was so upset when it happened and I was so angry with myself and I didn't think I would find a new job but In the end I did so good luck OP :)

By  LPac5295  |  27

iPhones are full of bugs. Mine had one where if it deemed itself too cold it would shut off at any battery percentage. My record was it "dying" at 48%.

  mwali02  |  32

Same thing happened to me last weekend, four hours away from home. Was not impressed, especially since my iPhone was fully charged at 100% initially. It decided to spontaneously die at 41% because it was too cold. I live in Canada! Winter is always cold! Unreliable...